5 Things iPhones Cannot Do But All Android Phones Can Do

The debate between Android users and iPhone users on which phone is the best is a never-ending debate.

There always comes a debate on various social media platforms and Android users will be teasing iPhone users on things they can do that iPhone users can not do, iPhone users will be also throwing same shots and anytime you see those debates going on, it becomes very interesting to follow.

This debate was almost becoming a thing of the past until twitter decided to show the devices that you used to make a tweet under your post.

This also sparked another round of debates and then one of them which was funny to me was seeing one guy asking twitter to change the “Twitter For Android” to “Twitter For Samsung” because Twitter can’t show any Android phone like an Android because his phone is more expensive to be tagged as just an “Android ” phone.

In this article, I am not going to tell which one of them is the best because each phone has its own uniques features but I am going to talk on the things that iPhones can not do but Android can do.

So without wasting much time let us dive right in.

5 Things iPhones Cannot Do But Android Phones Can Do

You Can Upgrade Your Storage

As we keep on using phones, we tend to download new videos, pictures, documents and a whole lot. One thing I love about Android is that you can upgrade your storage by inserting an external SD card so that you can have more space to download and store more files.

Use Any Apps You Want

With Android you have control over your phone, you can choose which app to set as a default app. You can change your default browser app to be Opera browser or Brave browser, same as SMS default app to True caller app and many more. 

Even though iPhone recently made it possible to delete its default apps, you can not change the default apps the way you want it. 

On Android to see which apps have been set as your default apps, all you have to do is visit Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Apps. There you can see all the apps that have been set as default, you can click on any of them to change the default app.

Split Screen Mode 

With Android phones, you can split the screen of your phone, maybe you might be sending email and then you need to copy the recipients address on another app, with Android you can split the screen to open another app and use both at the same time.

I mostly split my phone’s screen when I am chatting with someone on Whatsapp and at the same time, I need to check what is trending on Twitter, with the help on-screen splitting I can access both apps at the same time.

Although iPad OS 13 supports running multiple apps at the same time, iPhone and iOS 13 does not.

Customize Your Phone With Launchers

Launchers are what we use to customize our home screen, apps icons and many more. Launchers are used to design your Android phone to your satisfaction.

Android allows you to install any launcher you want, you can then customize it by changing how you want your apps menu to look like, how you want your home screen to look like, how you want your apps icons to look like and many more. One of my favourite launchers is Evie launcher.

Set Automatic Changing Wallpaper

With Android, you can always make your phone look fresh to you by always having a new wallpaper.

You can use Google Wallpapers app to change the lock screen wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper every day without you doing anything, phones like Infinix and TECNO has its default live wallpapers that always changes the lock screen and it makes your phone always looks new to you.


The debate on which phone being the best is indeed never going to end as every day each operating system comes up with a new feature, in this article we went through 5 things Android phones can do but iPhones can not do.

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