5 things you can do on Vodafone cash for an easier life

It’s always fascinating to access services of Vodafone, Ghana especially Vodafone Cash. Vodafone cash unarguably offers services which make life convenient for its subscribers and it is shockingly at no cost. Users can thus conduct transactions across other networks like MTN, and AitelTigo and still pay nothing.

What Can I Use Vodafone Cash for?

You may be unsettling on what Vodafone Cash can be used for, in order to make life easier for you. Well, Vodafone Cash can be used conveniently for the following;

  • Sending and receiving cash anywhere in Ghana
  • Buying airtime and internet bundles
  • Paying bills (e.g., DSTV, ECG, GoTV, Ghana Water, StarTimes, box office, school fees and many more)
  • Transferring money to bank accounts
  • Buying online tickets for events

Sending and receiving cash anywhere in Ghana

A subscriber of Vodafone cash can at the comfort of his or her home, either send or receive money from any part of the country. Users of the service can also send money to both Vodafone and Non-Vodafone numbers. You can do this by simply;

  1. Dial *110# on your mobile phone
  2. Select # 1 to transfer money
  3. You can then select #1 to transfer to Vodafone numbers or #2 to send money to other networks (MTN, Glo, AirtelTigo)
  4. Users can also select #6 to send money to unregistered contacts
  5. Follow prompts to confirm and validate transfer
  6. Subscribers can likewise receive money from Vodafone users, Non-Vodafone networks and unregistered people.

Buying airtime and internet bundles

Gone are the days you had to queue to buy Vodafone airtime for your internet bundle subscription. With Vodafone Cash, a subscriber can easily buy airtime for him or herself and also for others (both Vodafone users and other networks).

You can also subscribe directly to internet packages like Special Bundle using your Vodafone Cash. You can easily do this by;

  1. Dialing *110# on your mobile device.
  2. Select #3 to buy airtime or bundles.
  3. Follow prompts to purchase either for yourself or others regardless of the network they are using.

Transferring money to bank accounts

You can send money from your Vodafone cash wallet to your bank accounts without moving to the bank. And it can be done swiftly by just following some few prompts. A subscriber of Vodafone cash can transfer money to bank accounts by;

  1. Dialing *110# on his or her mobile phone
  2. Select send money.
  3. Choose to bank account.
  4. Select bank name.
  5. Enter bank account number.
  6. Enter amount to transfer.
  7. Enter pin to confirm and approve transaction.

How to Register for Vodafone Cash

To subscribe to Vodafone cash, you must first be in possession of a registered active Vodafone sim a valid Ghana card. You can the proceed to register by;

  1. Visiting any authorized Vodafone Cash merchant or the nearest Vodafone office with your Ghana card.
  2. Foreigners are however required to provide a valid passport to be eligible for registration.
  3. The Vodafone merchant will then capture your personal details, verify and upload to the Vodafone database.
  4. Afterwards, you will receive an SMS message with a default PIN.
  5. Enter the PIN to create a new Vodafone Cash PIN (4 digits).
  6. Subscribers must note that they will need their secret PIN to authorize all transactions they undertake.


Vodafone cash has made life easier. With just your mobile phone, your vodafon sim and an Internet connection, you can do a lot within a minute that could have been done with hours.

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