5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Google Calendar

Google calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. It’s used for performing our day to day activities and also a reminder to our schedules.

It comes in a web version and mobile version as an app. It helps you keep track of your events and also share your calendar with others.

Once you have google account, you have access to google calendar.

Just like a physical hard copy calendar pasted on walls to mark specific days and occasions, Google calendar likewise does the same.

Many of us with smartphones have Google calendar installed as system app but yet do not make use of it.

If I didn’t have google calendar I wouldn’t be able to write this article. Google calendar keeps me in tune, organized, and updated on everything going on with my day to day activities.

Google calendar can make the most unorganized person very organized.

I am going to share with you 5 things you didn’t know you can do with Google calendar.

Offline Support

Google calendar can be used offline. This is a cool feature because the calendar will not be limited if you don’t have an internet connection. Offline support here means it can be used without an internet connection or data.

SMS Support

Google calendar with the SMS support feature will send you events updates and occasions you have personally set to keep you in the know. Sometimes as humans we might forget setting things, with this SMS support there is no way an event will skip you.

Sometimes our calendar might be filled with a lot of activities and scrolling by and by might be time-consuming. That’s when the Search becomes of use. You can use the search from the search bar to quickly find your set date for some events.

Get Reminders

Sometimes one may forget checking up their calendar regularly to avoid missing an important schedule or event. Setting reminders will keep you on the go. You don’t need to check, the calendar will send you reminders regularly.

Video Call

The video call option is available to help you set an event/meeting if it’s going to be on a video call. This is very useful whether to contact the person in a quiet surrounding. It can be accessed via Add>Event>Video Call.

To Add to, Website Embed. This is a bonus thing you didn’t know about google calendar. Google calendar can be embedded on your website so your clients can book some time with you.


Forgetfulness is part of humans. As long as we are humans, it is natural to forget things in our everyday life. Having and making use of a calendar (Google calendar) will keep us on schedule and never miss an event or a meeting.

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