5 Video Conferencing Apps Similar To Zoom

Once upon a bad time, the whole world comes to a standstill due to a pandemic that shook the very core of our lives.

The whole world and indeed everything in it turns to an online space where there is little physical contact between people – a step towards easing the impact of the pandemic.

One of the many online platforms that have seen a surge in users since the start of the pandemic is Zoom – a video-conferencing application.

One question that has lingered on many minds is what other video conferencing apps are there aside Zoom – which has become a name associated with video conferencing worldwide.

In this article, we shall look at five other applications that are suitable for video conferencing.

Google Meet

Google is a global brand known for top quality and simplicity when it comes to products for making communication effective.

Google Meet is google’s competitive product for the video conferencing market.

Google meet works as a platform for hosting scheduled meetings with a team of people.

For those who are already acquainted with Google Hangouts, Google meets is an advanced form of Hangouts, specifically for businesses.

Skype For Businesses

Occupying the second spot on our list of five video conferencing apps that one can use aside Zoom is Skype For Businesses.

Skype is the world’s first and most-used video conferencing platform before the prominence of Zoom.

Skype, a product of Bill Gate’s Microsoft Inc, allows users to host video chats and conferences for people up to 250 at a time.

Users are made to pay 2USD per month for the service provided by Skype For Businesses.

Go To Meeting

If the stress of having to write down major points while hosting a major video conference is a headache to you, then Go To Meeting may be the right application for you.

GO TO Meeting is a video conferencing and audio conferencing platform which hosts conferences for up to 150 participants at once

With cloud recording enabled on this application, meetings are automatically recorded for users to go back to watch and make notes for report preparation and any other purpose.

For groups of up to 10 members, Go To Meeting charges about 14 USD per month while larger groups are required to pay 29USD per month to keep using the platform.

Appear. In

Appear In is one of the simplest yet fantastic video conferencing applications on the internet today.

It comes with several features similar to Zoom and the other platforms listed above. It also comes with an anonymous feature which enables users to join video chats as anonymous people.

Though this platform is generally free of charge, users may have to pay a one-time amount of 100 USD to host people up to 150 in a single conference.

Blue Jeans

Finally, we have Blue Jeans. A growing brand in online communications.

BlueJeans video conferencing is a product of Verizon, a long-standing name in the technology world.

Blue Jeans’ video conferencing platform provides users with the opportunity to hold mini-conferences over the internet or major conferences for up to 100 participants.

Pricing for BlueJeans video conferencing ranges from 9.99 USD per month for group meetings of up to 50 people, 13.99 USD per month for group meetings of up to 75 participants and a custom price for group meetings of up to 100 participants.


If you find Zoom a bit too complicated to be used for your video conferencing works, then you may want to consider any of our five apps listed in this article.

Video conferencing has come to stay with us and many people will be required to use it for interviews, auditions and online conferences from now on. So you need to acquaint yourself with these platforms.

If you know of any other video conferencing platforms that have not been listed here, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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