5 Ways To Order Food Online Anywhere In Ghana

We all as humans eat every day in other to survive, but at the same time we need to work in other to also make a living, these two things can’t be ignored in our lives.

Maybe you travelled and arrived late and there are no foodstuffs to prepare yourself some food and eat or as a worker, you might be busy at work and at the same time will be feeling hungry and there might be nobody around to send, you cannot also stop your work and go and buy food.

What most people tend to do is to buy any food that comes around their workplace to eat even if they like the food or not because that’s the only option they have to get the energy and continue working.

What if your work does not allow visitors or food sellers to enter like my work?

What most people tend to do is to wait for someone to go out and then they will send the person, but what if you are hungry and the person too is not going out anytime soon?

Thanks to the internet a lot has changed now, now you can order food at any place you find yourself and your food will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

In this article, I am going to take you through the best ways to order food in Ghana online and get your food delivered to you


Pizarea is currently only available in Accra and Tema, this service allows you to go through the menus of well-known restaurants and make orders and then within minutes it will be delivered to you.

Some of the popular restaurants that can be found on the pizarea are Gold Cost restaurant, Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant, Eddy’s Pizza, Papa’s Piza and many more.

How To Order Food From Pizarea

  1. Download the Pizarea app or on your web browser visit www.pizarea.com
  2. Enter your location so that you will be presented with the restaurants that are near you.
  3. Now select the restaurants you want to order from by selecting “View Menu”.
  4. Select the food you will want to eat and click on Order.
  5. Now provide your details that they will use to locate you with the food.
  6. Now go to Check Out and then make the payment, you can pay with mobile money or Voucher/coupon or you can choose to pay in cash.
  7. You will be given your order code, now sit back and relax and see your food getting delivered to you.

Homechow App

Homechow has been in the system for some time now. When they started, the used to have their own restaurant.

Nowadays though, their model has greatly changed..

They are starting to have many customers and probably in a switch to mee the demand, they added more restaurants. Currently, you can order from over 5,000 restaurants using the Homechow app. Definitely you are going to find your favourite restaurant from among their catalogue.

How To Order Food On HomeChow

  1. Download the Homechow app
  2. Sign in as a customer 
  3. Browse through the menus
  4. Order for the food you want to eat.
  5. Choose either to pick it up yourself or to have it delivered to you.

Jumia Food

Jumia is not only an eCommerce website but they also have a food delivery service. With Jumia food, one can order food and also get it delivered to him or her at home, what makes Jumia different from pizarea is that Jumia food also allows you to order for pharmacy products from licensed pharmacies. 

The service is currently running in Accra and Tema and we are hoping it will be rolled to the other regions

Restaurants that you can order food from on Jumia food are KFC Ghana, Mama Mia, Papa’s Piza, Coco Lounge, Frankies, Second Cup, Burger & Relish, Honeysucle and many more.

How To Order Food Online On Jumia Food

  1. Visit www.food.jumia.com.gh
  2. Sign up and then choose your location.
  3. Now browse through the food categories and choose the one you want to order.
  4. Now make payment and then your food will be delivered to you.


Now you can order for food online and get it delivered to you at your doorsteps, this service is going to help people who find themselves to be busy at work or home and due to some reasons they can’t prepare food. 

In this article, we went through 5 ways to order food online in Ghana and get it delivered to you. 

Which one have you used before and how was their service?

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