5 Ways To Protect Your Bank Account And Bank App From Thieves

I remember last year on a certain day around 1:00 AM a best friend of mine called me and in that middle of the night I could hear her crying, I asked her why she is crying and all she could say was that she saw a message from her bank saying she has withdrawn a certain amount of money.

And the truth is she hasn’t made any transaction, I was speechless at that time and didn’t know what to say next to console her, even though I was able to console her to try and get some sleep so that we see what we can do the next day.

The next day we visited the bank and run through some check-ups only to find out someone got access to her account through phishing. It was a big blow to her and it was one of the heartbreaking stories I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

Technology is moving forward, now we can easily do things thanks to technology, now you don’t always have to visit the bank to make the transaction as you can do it on your phone and its called mobile banking.

Due to this, hackers too are learning new ways to steal money from people who don’t always secure themselves (like my best friend). so the question is, how do you secure yourself?

Well, in this article, I am going to take you through Ways to protect your Bank Account and Bank App from thieves, so let’s get started.

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5 Ways to protect your Bank Account and Bank App from thieves

Use your Bank’s ATM

So you might travel and on the new place you find yourself, you might need cash, and will be searching for ATM to withdraw some money, one thing I will advise you to do is to look for your bank’s ATM and even if you can’t find your bank’s ATM make sure the ATM you are going to use is not a stand-alone ATM that is located In a weird or unusual location.

Most banks and ATMs can be found on the roadsides, others too can be found at a mostly busy place, if you get to find an ATM that is located at a place that is hard to find, you better not put in your card.

Some hackers can install these types of ATMs and then when you make a transaction, they get all your card details.

Don’t Access Your Account Anywhere

This is one of the easiest ways hackers use in stealing people’s accounts, some people are fond of connecting to any free Wi-Fi’s they come across – be it a park, restaurants or any place they will find themselves, and as soon as they get connected, they decide to make transactions, like paying for the food they ordered.

Using that free Wi-Fi from these hackers, they can get access to your bank details.

Use Strong Passwords

I know I am not the first person to tell you this, this is what you have to know, as every day you are going outside to work, there is someone who is always inside learning new ways to crack people’s passwords and steal from them.

This is your bank account and it contains all your life savings, so setting weak passwords like “123456789” is like telling someone to come and take your hard-earned money because you don’t know what to use it for.

Always use strong passwords for your bank accounts, the ones that are hard to guess and involves characters, numbers and letters. (if possible make some of the characters capital eg: !!@MfiLie?2020^%).

Never Disclose Your Pin To Anyone

Hackers also try to call you and act like they are calling from the bank, they can bring up a story like your account has been compromised or something and it needs your attention, after getting your attention they will continue by saying provide your pic for them to resolve the issue and if you give it to them, that is going to be the end of your sweet loving life.

Always Check Your Bank Accounts Regularly

We often never bother to check our bank accounts when we are not doing any transactions, this is wrong, there might be something going on that you might not know, when a hacker gets access to your bank account, the first thing he does is to deactivate email and SMS notifications, in that way you will not be notified in anything that he will do.


Hackers have been wild these days and one of the painful things to ever experience is to find out your life savings has been withdrawn from your bank by a hacker, this is why you need to protect yourself s that you might not be a victim, in this article, we went through 5 Ways to protect your Bank Account and Bank App from thieves.

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