5 Ways to Use Instagram Videos for Brand Marketing

At the peak of the digital age today, video marketing is the trending way to market your brand on social media. It is interactive, engaging and comes with the potential to hook your target audience right away. Whether you are an influencer creating your personal brand, or a branded business. Using Instagram videos for brand marketing is your ultimate marketing toolbox. Be it Instagram Live videos, Stories, or IGTV. Video content on Instagram not only increases brand awareness but also gets more engagement and turns in more Instagram followers organically. Further, they allow you to communicate your brand message through unique and creative storytelling that might not be possible as Instagram photos. 

But how can you leverage Instagram’s video content for brand marketing? What are the strategies to attract more Instagram followers to engage with your video content? If you are looking for these answers, then check out the best practices and ways to use Instagram videos for brand marketing that are bound to generate visible results: 

5 Ways to Use Instagram Videos for Brand Marketing

Tag Products

Instagram creator and business accounts come with a unique feature to tag up to 5 products showcased or referred to in the video. These are called Shoppable Instagram posts and are made accessible to you, once your request for Instagram Shopping is approved. Whether you are an influencer, or a business, tagging products is one the best ways to use Instagram videos for brand marketing. You could launch, showcase or show your products in action, or being used by influencers. Further, most Instagram users buy products based on influencer recommendations. Shoppable posts collaborated with influencers therefore, can boost sales for your brand significantly. Also, if you are tagging products in video ads, it intrigues the target audience to explore more of your content and products. As such, your account gets more Instagram followers organically. 

Convey Brand Message Through Impeccable Storytelling

Storytelling is at the heart of marketing your brand on social media. This is because it lets your Instagram followers connect with your brand on a personalized level. It also makes them more likely to buy products or services from you. With Instagram’s multiple content forms – IGTV, Instagram Stories, Reels and Posts – you can leverage the power of brand storytelling to relay your message and vision to your audience. Storytelling on Instagram can take many forms. Be it telling people about who you are and what you do as a brand or your values and your vision for the future. The key idea is to build an intimate connection with your followers so that they remember you. To do so, use narrative captions, post user generated content, build a solid community, initiate conversations and encourage your Instagram followers to participate in them.

Keep it Short and Simple

Instagram videos are already brief with a duration of 60 seconds. However, to leverage its potential for brand marketing, make your point in the first five seconds or so. This is crucial for it attracts your audiences’ attention right away and they are compelled to watch the complete video. Once you have them glued to the video, the brand marketing can follow. Further, crowding the 60-second Instagram video with more information than a user can digest on a single watch is a big and clear NO! Rather, keep your video content simple, crisp and to the point. Not only will it help to relay your message effectively, but also leave an impression of your brand on the audience. 

Use Instagram Video Stories for Branding

If your brand is all about being crisp and succinct, then Instagram Stories is where you should create a large portion of your content. Instagram Stories are short 15-second clips in which you can post both images and videos apart from adding stickers, GIFs, texts and more. To leverage this feature for brand marketing, your focus should be on the visual aspect of your video. A consistent design, tone and template in Instagram Stories creates an impression of your brand on your Instagram followers such that they begin to identify it. Also, since Stories are the first highlight that a user sees when s/he logs in to the Instagram app, you can hook them right away by directing them to your Instagram feed or website. As a result, not only your brand awareness amplifies, but also you get more sales besides getting more engagement on Instagram

Leverage IGTV for Branding and Engagement

IGTV is a total gold mine for brand marketing. If you have a verified Instagram profile, an IGTV video on your account could be up to 60 minutes long! This means that there is more space than ever for being creative and convincing. Think of IGTV as Instagram’s very own YouTube where you can create your own channel and post just about anything that contributes to your brand. You can post DIY tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs, tips to use your products or customer testimonials. Video marketing through IGTV is useful in more than one way. Firstly, videos generate more engagement as they are interactive. Secondly, like YouTube, you can add hashtags, keywords, and relevant links in the description of IGTV videos. By doing so, you optimize your Instagram channel and let your target audience find you. As such, it increases brand awareness and brings more Instagram followers to your account.


Get ready to utilize Instagram video content for brand marketing like a pro with our exclusive video marketing hacks. With more engagement, more Instagram followers and increased sales, Instagram videos get your target audience to recognize your brand. Not only this, they provide a platform for being creative and telling brand stories that are unique, compelling, effective. As such, with video content, you can establish a personalized connection with your audience and gradually turn them into your regular customers.

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