5 Websites You Can Download And Stream Ghanaian Music From

With the digitization of several aspects of our lives from education to business, communication and transport, music is one of the major aspects of life that has been affected by technology.

Today, one does not need a tape cassette or CD to be able to listen to one’s favourite songs.

With the upspring of streaming and downloads, music lovers can access a wide variety of songs from the comfort of their homes via their mobile devices or laptops.

In this article, we learn about 5 websites from which you can stream and download Ghanaian music.


Aftown.com is a service that allows music lovers to stream and download their favourite songs from their favourite African musicians.

Aftown is arguably  Ghana’s first music streaming app which has an easy-to-use system which makes it easy for musicians to set up their stores quickly and make some good money from their songs.

Songs on Aftown are purely Ghanaian and African songs and they are uniquely arranged based on their genres.

Aftown also has a beautiful user interface which can easily be used by first-timers.

Payment method for Aftown includes Mobile Money, Visa Card, Mastercard.

Aftown also has mobile apps for both Android and IOS.


Soundcloud is one of the leading music uploads, streaming and download sites across the globe. There are millions of songs and artists on Soundcloud daily and these artistes include Ghanaian artistes as well.

Soundcloud has two parts; the free version and the premium version. With the free version, you get to enjoy, stream and download free songs from artistes who wanna put it out for free.

While, with the premium version, you can listen to all songs on the app.  The premium version of Soundcloud, called Soundcloud Pro costs 5.50 Euros per month for a monthly subscription and 4.13 Euros per month for a yearly subscription.

With Soundcloud, you just have to search for the artist name, song title or both to be able to stream or download the song.


Audiomack is a free music streaming application that is available on both IOS and android devices.

Audiomack has a wide range of categories, genres and artistes listed in its database.
Primarily, Audiomack is a free service which is aimed at projecting independent and new artists.

This makes it more possible for you to get all your favourite African musicians since most African independent artistes take advantage of the opportunity provided by Audiomack.

Audiomack also has two packages, the free version which comes with ads and a premium version which is ads-free.

The premium version costs 4.99 USD per month.


Boomplay is African music streaming application launched in Nigeria about 5 years ago. Boomplay is a free music streaming site which mostly houses music from African artistes.

Boomplay is arguably Africa’s biggest music streaming platform with over 60 million subscribers around the globe.

Similar to Audiomack, Boomplay enables users to stream songs for free using its freemium service which comes with ads.

On the other hand, there is a pro version which gives users an ad-free experience and the option to download songs for offline use.

Boomplay premium costs 1.5 Dollars per month and can be paid via Visa Card, Master Card and Mobile Money.

Play Africa Music

Play Africa works similarly as Boomplay. As the name suggests, Play Africa is also an African music streaming site or application.

Play Africa is currently home to thousands of original music from African artistes both locally and internationally,

Play Africa apps can be downloaded on PC, IOS Devices and android devices for easy usage.

This App has four payment plans which are Student Account at the rate of 1.2 USD per month, Basic Account at 2.40 USD for 45 days, Standard Account at 5 Dollars for 2 months, and Premium Account at 50 Cedis for 75 days.

Payment methods include Mobile Money, visa card and MasterCard.


With any of the above-listed apps, anyone can enjoy African music for free or at a little fee. The list, however, is not conclusive. If you have any other apps you think we should know about, please do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comment box beneath this post.

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