50 Most Visited Websites in Ghana according to Alexa | 2019 Guide

According to Alexa.com, the Amazon company that curates the data of websites worldwide, Ghana has a peculiar taste when it comes to the use of the internet.

Here are some useful insights about the use of the internet in Ghana before we look at the 50 Most Visited Websites:
YouTube is the most visited social media site in Ghana, followed by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

1 out of every 5 sites visited is a news website. The most visited of these in order of ranking are Ghanaweb.com,

Yen.com.gh, News-speaker.com, Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh, Myjoyonline.com, Graphic.com.gh, Ghpage.com, etc.

Betway.com.gh and Betyetu.com.gh are in the top 20 most visited. Conclusively, sports betting in top on the minds of Ghanaians. You can check out a couple of superbettingsites.com too.

3 out of every 50 sites visited by a Ghanaian is a pornographic site, with Xvideo, Empressleaks and Pornhub making it to the top 50.

7 out of every 50 sites visited by a Ghanaian is sports oriented.

We have compiled a list of the Top 50 Ghana News Websites

Here’s the list of the 50 Most Visited Websites in Ghana

1. Google.com

2. Youtube.com

3. Ghanaweb.com

4. Facebook.com

5. Google.com.gh

6. Yahoo.com

7. Betway.com.gh

8 . Yen.com.gh

9. Jumia.com.gh

10. Wikipedia.org

11. News-speaker.com

12. Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

13. Afrtrk.com

14. Myjoyonline.com

15. Blogspot.com

16. Popads.net

17. Livescore.com

18. Betyetu.com.gh

19. Flashscore.com

20. Lightdl.xyz

21. X*****s site

22. Tonaton.com

23. Graphic.com.gh

24. Ghpage.com

25. Live.com

26. E*********k site

27. Amazon.com

28. Ghafla.com

29. Peacefmonline.com

30. Todaytvseries2.com

31. Twitter.com

32. Instagram.com

33. Cobalten.com

34. Softonic.com

35. Ghanamotion.com

36. Bodelen.com

37. Moneymake.site

38. Yts.am

39. Microsoft.com

40. I62e2b4mfy.com

41. O2tvseries.com

42. Ug.edu.gh

43. Ask.com

44. Exosrv.com

45. Lightdlmovies.blogspot.com

46. Soccabet.com

47. Researchgate.net

48. Goal.com

49. P**n*hb site

50. Bbc.com

So there you have it, the 50 Most Visited Websites in Ghana. This should give you a general perspective on the Ghanaian’s lifestyle.

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