6 Cool Things You Can Do In Google Search

We all have been using Google in our lives, I must say there can’t be a week without you visiting google, Google is our number one stop to finding answers to our questions and many more.

We all know Google to be the most popular search engine with billions of searches every day. But what if I tell you there are a lot more things you can do on Google aside all searching?

Google is not just a search engine as we have all taken it but rather it has a lot more things that you can use or find on Google, so without wasting much time I am going to enlighten you on 6 cool things that you can do on Google Search

Make Calculations Using Google

You can make calculations on the Google home page and to do this all you have to do is to type in the digits in your chrome browser and Google will display the answer under your search. Eg: when you type in 6*300 the answer which is 1,800 will just appear below what you have typed and you just don’t need to hit enter for the answer. And when you hit the enter, Google will pull up a calculator widget that will allow you to use a full calculator like calculating exponential equations and many more.

Convert Currencies

Yes, that is one of my favourite things I always do on Google, you might be me who is has been doing forest trading or trading in cryptocurrencies, as the price is sometimes volatile which means your balance starts to rise when the price of the coin you hold increases.

Or you might not be like me but you have been receiving money from abroad or exchanging money. Then you don’t need an app or any converter because Google got you covered.

You can convert money in Google by just typing it the amount and in the amount you want it to be converted, Eg: “$1000 in Cedis” and then the answer will be given to you which will be GHS 5,785.00.

Make Translations

Chatting with someone that you just received a message that is not in your native language? Well, you can translate it in Google, all you have to do is paste the text in the search bar and then add ‘in your native language’. so if you receive a message that goes like ‘Akwaaba’ and you want to understand what the person sent in English, you just have to type in the search bar ‘Akwaaba in English’. Google will display the meaning in English for you.

Also when the text is many, maybe its a book or a long story and you want to read in English or your native language, you can search for ‘translate’ in the Google search bar and then it will open the Google translate page, there you can choose your language and the language you want the text to be translated to.

Search By Handwriting (For Android Users)

This feature will only work when you turn on Handwrite for Google search. To do this head over to Google.com on your android phone and go to ‘Settings’ and then turn on Handwriting options.

Now from there visit the Google homepage and then write the word you want to search on the screen and then Google will try and parse that as a text.

Set Timer

You can use Google by specifying the minutes that the timer should last, eg: ‘set timer in 20 minutes’. It will automatically set a timer and then you can hit the button for the timer to start, it will play a sound when it reaches the end of the countdown.

Play Games

You can play some games on Google. One of them which is my favourite is Pacman.

You can also play a game called ”zerg rush”. all you have to do is search for zerg rush and your screen will be taken over by small o’s and you have to click on each of them to destroy each of them before they take over your screen results.


Google search engine has a lot of features that you can do aside from searching. In this article, we went through some cool things you can do in Google search.

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