6 of the best Android tricks worth exploring right now

The Android is the most convenient and simple operating globally, which is why many smartphone users prefer Android to iOS.

Its simple nature allows you to explore the phone’s features really well. It has been a trustworthy and reliable operating system ever since it was introduced in 2003. 

Screen pinning

This is tricky as designed to prevent nosy people who like to check more stuff on your phones when you give them to check something.

We’ve all been in situations where you give your phone to someone to read something or view something on it, and they end up opening other apps on the phone and checking your personal stuff. If you give your phone to someone and don’t want them to snoop around other apps, just “pin the screen”.

This feature is sometimes enabled by default in our phones, but you can turn it on in the Security menu if you don’t have it enabled. Tap the app icon on any app in the multitasking interface and select “Pin” to prevent them from switching apps.

You can also add your PIN to this feature to protect the switching of apps. Also, note that this feature enables you to split-screen and pause the app’s notifications.

Boost your memory storage

Well, this is an amazing trick that many users have been grateful for ever since the introduction of android phones.

Also, definitely a feature many IOS users are jealous of. Imagine boosting your storage when you sense it’s getting full. To do this, you simply have to buy micro SD and insert it in your phone and store more data and media on it.

This is a luxury iPhone users do not enjoy; with iPhones, when your phone’s memory gets full, that’s it. Either you change the phone or free up space by deleting many data and media from your phone.

Bring back lost notifications

Sometimes you’re trying to clear a particular notification.

Then you end up removing one that you didn’t plan on clearing. Mostly that notification was still there because you had not read it yet, but you were a bit busy, so you were planning to read it later, but then it’s gone now. And to avoid the stress of going through all your apps trying to find the notification you didn’t get a chance to read, what do you do?

You’re in luck because a trick has been discovered where you can long-press and hold on to your home screen to show up in the screen-adjusting mode. Now, tap on widgets and look for the Settings shortcut widget, which looks like a basic settings gear.

Next, drag it to somewhere on your home screen, which will be followed by a popup list allowing you to choose from essential shortcuts like accessibility, app info, battery, devices, battery, memory, etc.

Just search for the option named “notification log” and select it, which will enable you to view previous notifications from all the apps and the time you received them.

Use your LED flash and camera to monitor your heart rate

This is one of the most innovative tricks I’ve seen in a smartphone yet. This is because I’m a very health-conscious person.

Monitoring pulses using the camera is a really cool feature. There are quite a several apps available that can help you monitor your pulse rate.

The ones that actually work require your finger to be placed on the LED flash. The app uses the camera to track colour changes under your skin to monitor the amount of blood passing.

It is very logical and understandable if you don’t expect total accuracy from these apps as you know they are dependent.

Track your android smartphone

Have you been in a situation where you lost your phone and couldn’t get it back? Now, new android versions have come with google find my device service to help track our phones when they get missing.

Almost every Android smartphone user has signed in to google on their phone. The good thing with the google “find my device” app is that it automatically turns on once you sign your google account.

So anytime you lose an Android device, search android.com/find in any browser and log in with the same Google account.

Now, you can see the location of your device and can further erase all the data remotely, lock it down with a message or make it ring loud (even if it’s in silent mode), provided that your lost device has access to the internet and location is on.

Improve your status bar

If you want to be a bit creative with your status bar and add and remove some features, you can do that without downloading a third-party app. You can simply do all that with the “system IU turner”.

To enable the “system IU turner, you have to hold the settings button present in the Notification toggle menu. Upon doing that, the gear icon will start rotating, followed by a toast message confirming that the System UI tuner has been enabled.

After that, you can see the System UI tuner menu in the settings app, where you’ll customize the icons and how you want them to appear in the status bar, like indications for orientation, networks, headphones. You can further add more features like “do not disturb”, a, calculator and the screenshot feature if it’s available on your phone.


The simplicity of our mobile phones is what we live for. To be able to do simple but amazing things with our mobile phones is everything technology stands for.

Android operating has built a good brand worldwide by surprising us year after with amazing new innovations. Sometimes tech developers discover these amazing tricks in our phones. These are tricks many of us have been wishing were there all along, like screen pinning.

We’ve all been in such situations where we really don’t want a person to switch the apps and open your gallery or WhatsApp when they’re with your phone. But better late than never, it’s here now, and I hope everyone utilizes these amazing tricks on their phones. 

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