6 Perks That Boost Employee Satisfaction

As an employer, you are legally required to provide employees with certain benefits. Apart from these benefits mandated by the law, there are certain other benefits that companies offer to ensure employees have a positive experience working for the company.

These special benefits are called perks and vary from company to company. To ensure employees are content with their jobs, a company may offer them certain perks. While benefits cover basic employee needs, perks are offered by the company to beat the competition. 

Here are six perks that you can offer to enhance employee satisfaction:

Learning & development opportunities

L&D programs help employees to grow in their career and are seen as a major perk by young professionals. Although L&D opportunities fall under perks, they are a necessity. Providing employees growth opportunities helps them perform their jobs better which enhances their performance. 

Moreover, with tools like LMS it is now possible to deliver cost effective learning solutions to employees. By using LMS like Adobe Captivate Prime you can help employees learn a new skill without breaking the bank. This boosts their productivity and increases company revenue as well.

Flexibility to work from anywhere

Allowing employees to choose where they want to work from is a highly desired perk by many. The flexibility to work from home or anywhere the employees feels comfortable allows them to balance their personal and professional life better. This increases their job satisfaction.

By setting clear goals, you can ensure employees know what is expected of them. Keeping this in mind employees can structure their day to get the most out of their time. This employee perk also relieves them from the stress of travelling.

Maternity/Paternity leaves

One of the best perks for employees is maternity and paternity leaves. It can get very hectic for pregnant employees to manage work and take care of themselves. Similarly, male employees need to be around their pregnant wives to support them in their stressful phases.

Being empathetic towards employees in this phase will help build their loyalty towards the organization. Providing this perk can make your company very desirable to young working professionals. 

Employee discount

A lot of product based companies offer employees discounts on buying their products. Offering employees this perk is very beneficial as it increases sales as well as increases engagement with the products.

Employees using company products indirectly become brand promoters and can market the brand through word of mouth publicity. Moreover, it gives the company a chance to internally test products and get genuine feedback from employees.

Free health checkups

Showing support for employee well being is necessary for all companies to ensure employee satisfaction. By creating a wellness program where you tie up with popular hospitals, you can provide free health checkups for employees once/twice a year.

Moreover you can include gyms and yoga centres in the office premises to encourage employees to stay fit and active. For remote employees, you can offer gym membership discounts so they can opt for a centre closer to their home.

Free snacks

Providing free lunch may seem like a stretch for many employers, so instead you can provide them free evening snacks to help them feel refreshed. Post lunch hours make most employees feel very lethargic and disengaged.

Giving them perks like free snacks and an opportunity to bond with other colleagues while enjoying these snacks allows them to have some light-hearted conversations. Connecting with other employees makes them feel happier and allows them to go back to work with a better mood.


You can pick a couple of these perks based on how beneficial these perks are for your company without burning a hole in your pocket. They may not completely brighten the picture but will certainly make employees feel enthusiastic, and develop a sense of satisfaction in them.

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