6 Ways You Can Use The Internet To Make Good Use Of Your Free Time

The internet is a fun place to mingle to make good use of your free time. The internet is very broad, there is so much to see, do, and learn, yet people have not been taking advantage of the internet.

Most at times, we use our free time browsing news, idly shopping, or surfing our social feeds. The internet has too much to offer than just these. What if you can use your free time more productively on the internet?

I personally have benefited a lot with the use of the internet in my free time. In fact, the internet has offered me many opportunities to boast of. I am very happy to share with you my experience in this article.

With my relationship on the internet, I always ask myself what will happen if the internet goes off for even an hour. The reason I always ask myself this is because of how I benefit a lot on the internet.

As I already said, the internet is a vast place, a network of networks. I am going to share with you some ways you can use the internet to make good use of your time below.

Learning New Skills

You don’t have an excuse to learn something new. Unlike the days the internet was unpopular we depended on the school system to learn or study new skills. The internet has changed that now.

I learned Graphic Design by myself on the internet. I am a full professional designer. Not only Graphic design, but I am also a Web designer. These are a few of the skills I learned on the internet.

Websites like Coursera, Udemy and Eduonix are an excellent source of good knowledge online. They provide both free/paid courses on a multitude of topics and skills.

Apart from learning, below are websites that can be very beneficial to you on the internet.

  • Quora – A fun discussion community. You can ask or answer questions from Quora with or without an account but it will be very important to create an account so you don’t lose your data.
  • LifeHacker – provides tips and tricks on how to get things done.
  • StumbleUpon – Recommends website that may be of interest to you. StumbleUpon has now moved to Mix.
  • HowStuffWorks – In-depth knowledge about some of the things around you.
  • Duolingo – As the name suggests, a fun website to learn a new language.
  • Wikipedia – Knowing more about something. Data is always updated to meet the standard of time.

All of these services are free. Learning new things every day will keep you the mind energized and strong. I know from personal experience.

Edit Wikipedia

Most of us have visited Wikipedia to learn about pieces of stuff. Apart from researching from there, you can add to it. Anyone can edit from Wiki. Whether an account holder or not.

You can fix grammatical errors and spellings from other people’s work. In the same way, you can update the information when it’s outmoded.

You can be doing this on the internet to good use of your time.


A blog is a nice place to share what you love most. I personally have a blog where I do what I love most there. I share my ideas on what I know and keep people in the know.

Am sure you might have something you love or know how to do. You can create a blog to share your ideas with others. Creating a blog it’s easy. You can visit Google’s blogger and start for free.

Virtual Tour

Virtual touring is my hobby. I believe it will be your hobby too. I recently became addicted to virtual touring on my desktop not long ago. Google street view is a super fun app to take a quick tour of any place in the world.

I usually tour the world in my free time. It’s a nice experience. Visit Google Street View on your desktop to tour the world virtually.

Review Past Purchases

Many people overlook reviewing products. Sharing your experiences with suppliers and manufacturers’ websites helps other buyers very efficiently. If your experience with a supplier was bad, leaving a review will help another buyer escape from such a bad experience.

Reviews help other buyers a lot but many people overlook this. You can use your free time to review your past orders to help other buyers.

Find Out New Facts Everyday

It’s so amazing learning new facts each day. I bumped into a site that offers amazing facts every day. It was there I found out, “no human has giant teeth”. Anyway just kidding but it’s the truth.

The site offers amazing facts to keep you in the know. Todayifoundout.com is the site to visit to learn new stuff.


The internet has a large data of knowledge base. There are so many productive things, skills to learn on the internet. This article has highlighted 6 points you can follow to make good use of the internet.

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