7 Instagram Growth Hacks You Should Try to Explode Your Reach

Have you ever wondered how some businesses just take off like wildfire? Some maintain their reach on social media year after year. So, how do you think they do it? It’s what social media experts are calling “Growth Hacking”. 

You need to have a plan of action here. Growth hacking is not possible without a definitive strategy. Hacking is all about rapidly growing your business with inexpensive strategies. But the other way to go about is to buy followers on instagram. This strategy is not new but is widely used nowadays. 

Building on it, let us tell you 7 Instagram growth hacks you should try –

Ramp up your numbers

We know that quality is more important than quantity. However, can we move away from the importance of quantity?

Dropbox did it by incentivizing users to invite friends. And, looking back at it, it did work. Sometimes growing numbers can cost you more money. 

  • Use influencer marketing or brands that belong to the same niche as yours
  • Once you spot the top posts in your niche check who had posted them
  • Go to their follower’s list and start liking, commenting, and following/unfollowing them
  • Post everyday 
  • Maintain the time to post your content on Instagram
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • But never over-use hashtags – around 5-7 hashtags

Push a Narrative 

Do you know why maximum growth hackers fail to retain followers? That’s because they didn’t create any particular narrative. Without a narrative, you are more likely to get short-term success. 

  • Create something scalable that remains 
  • Create an experience that is unique and exclusive
  • Your brand image should be such that it helps you create more followers without you bending your finger
  • Creating a signature culture or an X-factor that cannot be replicated by your competitors

But then again, the question is, – how to determine what’s going to be your narrative?

  • Be sure about your target audience. You cannot be targeting everyone. So narrow your vision down. Ask yourself questions like – What kind of profession are they in? How do they dress? What kind of food or restaurants would they possibly like? What are their desires? What keeps them awake at night?
  • Once you figure out the existential questions make sure to come up with lifestyle-specific content and tie them back to your brand
  • Maintain a storyline on your Instagram feed that tells the same story over and over again in perfect harmony with your narrative


Here are a few reasons why Micro-influencers are worth more than celebrities – 

  • Followers believe in recommendations from micro-influencers. That’s because the general perception about celebrities is that they will say anything about a brand as long as they are paid.
  • Moreover, micro-influencers have a hyperactive following
  • You can engage a lot of Micro-influencers at once because zero to low cost

What makes one a micro-influencer? We recommend Instagram handles ranging from 1000 to 100 thousand followers. 

Build Brand Awareness

Keep in mind that a brand-oriented strategy is likely to outlive a product-oriented strategy. It’s better to sell your brand instead of shoving your products down your follower’s throats. 

Promotional posts are a huge turn-off for organic followers. As we said earlier, create your own experience and sell that. 

Creating a brand will – 

  • Elevate your position in your market
  • Influence more sales
  • Elevate your brand’s image rather than slapping promotional content

Branded Hashtags

You cannot expect to rock Instagram without a proper hashtag game. So here’s the thing – you need to create a hashtag that’s only yours. Growth hacking is incomplete without one viral hashtag. 

Your brand’s hashtag needs to resonate with a feeling. It’s the experience of using your product that can become the best-branded hashtag. 

Coca-Cola did it best by creating – #shareacoke. Even if you discontinue using Instagram, your hashtag will still show up in thousands of posts. That’s what creating a lasting impact is all about. 

User-Generated Content and Giveaways

Instagram account holders who hold giveaway contests grow up to 70% faster than the ones who don’t. Use a simple strategy like asking people to share your posts with 5 friends to qualify for a giveaway. 

This way hundreds of followers create thousands of Instagrammers to walk into your account. Trust us, that’s a lot of organic reach and engagement. If you are too curious to get rapid growth, then you may look for organic Instagram growth services

If you hold such giveaways every month, you are bound to increase your followers. 

Upload user-generated content and reshare customer’s posts. Choose customers who have a good following and you are set. Also, before you reshare user-submitted photos make sure that the photo itself is going with your brand’s image or your current campaigns. 

Be Searchable 

Growth hacking needs you to be searchable on Google. Here are a few ways you can optimize your Instagram profile and content. 

  • Complete your profile with your profile name, bio, a proper description, and links to your website
  • Use Geo-tagging on photos wherever necessary
  • Your content and descriptions better have relevant keywords
  • Social sharing across platforms can increase your searchability
  • Make sure you use link building across platforms

That’s how you build strong profile visibility. 


There are so many best sites to buy Instagram followers. You can use these sites to leverage your engagement rates high. But remember that regular postings with perfect timing can keep the numbers from falling. Moreover, you should use this engagement to acquire more followers. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time around. 

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