7 Things You Can Do With G-Money In Ghana

Majority of the world’s population has quickly moved from physical payment to electronic payment systems since the birth of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Ghana, though our E-payment systems are very few, many people have taken advantage of the various Mobile Money payment systems to deal with their payment needs without much stress.

However, aside from the various network service providers and their respective Mobile Money platforms, GCB bank also has a mobile payment platform which works just fine.

In this article, we shall look at GCB’s G-Money platform and 7 things that you can do on the platform.

As indicated earlier, G-money is an e-payment system operated by GCB Bank and works just as other Mobile Money platforms.

Find below, a list of things you can do with GCB’s G-Money platform.

Transferring And Receiving Money

With G-money, sending and receiving money has become a lot easier especially across platforms.

G-money is more like the universal form of Mobile money services. You can send money to any mobile money customer across all networks; MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo right from your G-money account by dialling *422#

Same way, anyone with a G-money account can receive money from any Mobile money subscriber, be the person an MTN Mobile Money holder, Vodafone Cash holder, AirtelTigo Cash holder or a G-money holder.

Purchasing Airtime For All Networks

With GCB’s G-money, you can buy airtime from your account for all networks available in Ghana.

You can either buy for yourself or for other people on your contact list by simply selecting their network and dialling their number.

This comes as an added advantage for those using all G-Money users since other Mobile Money platforms only allow users to buy airtime on their various networks. That is; from MTN to MTN, AirtelTigo to AirtelTigo and Vodafone to Vodafone.

But with G-Money, it is G-Money to all networks. Sounds good, right?

Payment Of Bills

Bills Payment has never been made easier. With G-Money’s fast and reliable USSD system, you can make payment for your favourite utilities right from your mobile device.

Be it water bill, Electricity bill or paid television subscription bills, G-money has the platform to allow you to settle all your bills in very few steps.

Banking Services and Transactions

Today, banking does not necessarily involve the movement of clients or customers from their homes into banking halls for transactions.

With the advancement in technology, customers can now perform several activities such as checking their balance, making transfers and making deposits right from the comfort of their homes using mobile banking apps.

G-Money taps into this narrative by providing its subscribers with the opportunity to top up their bank accounts, send money to other bank accounts and perform other bank transactions using the platform.

All they have to do is to link their favourite bank accounts to their G-Money wallet which can be done in very few steps.

Cash In And Cashing Out Through An Agent

Just like any other Mobile Money platform available in Ghana currently, G-Money comes with the Cash In and Cashout features.

Subscribers can deposit money into their G-Money wallet by visiting any G-Money agent with the amount they wish to deposit and have the money deposited into their accounts.

Same way, any subscriber can go to an agent nearby to withdraw money from their G-money account and receive cash from the agent.

It is a very easy system just as any other Mobile Money platform.

Group Contributions

If there is one unique thing that G-money has brought into the Mobile Money space, it is the introduction of Group contributions.

With G-Money, subscribers can add up to 200 people into a group contribution account which gives them the opportunity to plan group savings and other schemes easily and efficiently.

The group accounts can be managed by two people; one being the administrator and the other being the financial secretary.

This is especially good for families, group of workers and groups seeking to contribute for a purpose.

Connection With Your Applications Or Websites For Payment Integration

For app developers and website designers, it is important to add payment methods to aid in easy sales payments.

This is mostly true for ecommerce sites and applications.

G-Money has made its Application Programming Interface (API) free and available to everyone who wants to add the system as a payment method on their application or website.

This means anyone can receive payments for the services or goods they offer right through their mobile application or website by embedding G-Money’s API into the website or application.


The need for E-payment methods in today’s times can only be understated. We have come to accept the need and use of electronic payment methods such as Mobile Money.

There are many mobile money wallets available in Ghana presently with each Mobile Telecommunication company owning one.

However, GCB Bank’s G-Money which is a new product in the nation’s Mobile Money industry is a strong choice among the others.

With the seven uses explained above, I hope you find G-money convenient and more flexible for all your payments.

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