7 ways students can leverage technology to make money in Ghana

Modernization has brought a lot of change to things in society. One can say the availability of technology is one of the post changes it has brought.

It has developed culture so that one can make a living out of technology and build a life for himself. 

Being a content creator on YouTube or any social media platform

Being content can be very lucrative, considering you put much effort, time, and dedication into it. A content creator on YouTube or any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or tik tok can make you a lot of money.

Content creation is making funny videos, tutorials, or any creative thing to catch viewers’ eyes. For example, you can decide to make a video with steps to prepare jollof rice at home. Content is how good the creator makes it.

So your uniqueness needs to be your tool for working. And be aware that there are other content creators out there who also do what you do. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to be successful in your work. As I said, content is how good and unique the creator makes it look.

Small scale e-commerce

With this, you need capital to start it and a social media platform where you sell your products online.

You get a trusted buyer and make sure you have a good market for your products so that when the products are ready to be sold, you’ll not have a limited market and make them lose their value.

For instance, you buy a sneaker at GHS 200 and then sell it at GHS 250, so that’s GHS 50 profit off one sneaker, so imagine selling 20 sneakers in a month. That’s a GHS 1000 profit from the sales of your sneakers alone.

One thing about being an online vendor is that you need to have various products to sell. You don’t have to sell just one product because the market for one product might be down during a season and when that happens, and you have other products to sell, you don’t have a problem, unlike being in the trade of only one product.


If you have a skill that you think people can pay for, then freelancing is the choice for you. It doesn’t require any form of investment or capital or build a presence. Returns from freelancing can be near-instantaneous.

As an online freelancer, you get access to all sorts of clients worldwide, provided you build your online platform properly and make the name with your craft to attract clients. When you start, it is helpful to focus on building your profile. Your profile will be more robust by getting more positive reviews, and you will get more gigs.

A lot of people around the world are freelancing full time to earn a living. It pays very good to make a living out of, and there are massive opportunities. As a freelancer, you should choose a skill where you have a great deal of knowledge and confidence. 

Become a social media influencer

Building a presence on social media with a large for business purposes can be a very successful venture if taken seriously.

Building a platform with a large following means many people have access to the stuff you do on the platform, so people can trust you sell ads for them. Building the brand is an essential part of selling ads on social media.

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, amongst others. You first have to build the brand you want to portray and attract many followers to the brand. Create an interaction on your platform with your followers. For example, making a unique platform on Instagram with about 20,000 followers and interacting with them about the usual stuff like sports, entertainment, politics and promoting businesses.

A robust personal platform gives whoever wants you to sell ads on their products confidence that you’d be able to deliver the service with ease.

Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing has also been a very lucrative venture from which many people make money these days. One might not know what affiliate marketing means but might be practising it.

“Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to a person for sales generated from its referrals. With affiliate marketing, sometimes it doesn’t even require any capital; you arrange with a retailer to sell their stuff and get a commission after the sales.

You can even be able to add up some value to the commodity’s price to get more money from that particular sale.

Content writing

Content writing is the creation of articles, create written materials for websites and blogs. To be a content writer, you need to have good grammar, good writing and research skills.

And to write content in a specific field, you need to research to have accurate knowledge in the field of content you’re writing. This content can include text for graphic, podcasts and e-books. As a content writer, you should also be able to use modern word formatting tools.

So basically, content writers are responsible for vividly explaining topics on a website. 

Find a remote job

You can stay at home and be employed remotely. As a remote worker, you can even work for companies outside the country and still get paid for your work.

That means if you work for a company that’s based in Toronto, you’ll get paid based on what’s typical for that area rather than where you live. You can earn an NYC salary while living in Accra.

It had many advantages because you can still go about other stuff you’ve got going on in your life, and even travel and carry your work along with you. It has a very flexible schedule too. 


Technology has advanced, and so has our minds. The latest covid -19 restrictions have, in a way, opened people’s minds to the idea of leveraging technology to make money out of it opening online businesses, working your jobs from home, amongst other lucrative ventures one can venture into to make money digitally. 

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