8 Video Marketing Content Ideas For Your Business

Creating video content has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. Videos work great on different platforms, from YouTube to TikTok, and can attract many people interested in what you do. However, creating video marketing content is not an easy task. If you are out of ideas for creating video content, this article may be interesting for you. Here we offer great video marketing ideas that can spark your inspiration. 

Marketing content video ideas for your business

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1. Video behind the scenes

If you want to create anything else except for conventional advertisements, filming a video behind the scenes might turn out to be a great idea. A cheap and simple technique to produce entertaining video content that your viewers will enjoy is to include behind-the-scenes footage. It humanizes your business and highlights the cooperation among team members. This can even turn out as the beginning to start building a personal brand for your CEO or other people on your team. Besides, filming it can be a fun experience for your team, too. Such videos will help you stand out among the competitors and make an impression of your brand more vivid and in-person. 

2. Customer testimonial video

It’s likely that you already incorporate testimonials into your overall marketing plan. But have you given any attention to recreating them on video as well? Interview happy clients to hear their accomplishments, or simply gather your greatest client testimonials to use in a quick presentation.

This can assist in giving the testimonial content you provide to potential customers an even more personalized touch. Although creating such a video seems hard at first, it’s actually easy to do it. You can make such a video out of testimonials on your website or other platforms.

It doesn’t have to be too long, so it won’t take much of your client’s time to film it. By the way, video testimonials can turn out even more effective than ordinary text ones. 

3. Comparing products video

Consider creating a product comparison video if your product routinely outperforms the competitors in product demonstrations. It is an excellent idea if your product is in a highly competitive market and there are other popular solutions available. 

People may find it offensive to watch you criticize your competitors on screen, so try to avoid being unduly biased or harsh towards them. Even better if you can track down a real consumer who will use both products and provide an unbiased evaluation. You can develop several criteria for your evaluation to be more objective. 

4. Unpacking video 

Who would have thought that watching videos of othe others opening packages would be so fascinating in the twenty-first century? And that’s just on mobile phones! The amount of time spent watching unpacking videos is so high that you would be surprised!

Even professional bloggers are offering their unpacking services and can shoot an unboxing video of your product for you in exchange for payment. Why not, however, view a few, make some notes, and make your own? In fact, unboxing channels made up two of the 10 most viewed YouTube channels. To make it even more effective, you can make your video yourself and also send out press packages to bloggers. 

5. Busting myths video

When there are many false things common about your industry or product, it’s time to make things clear. To do this, you can make a special video to educate your audience about your service or product. Such a video may be helpful in convincing customers to use your product over other ones available in your industry. You can also highlight the advantages of your product or service and demonstrate how your product can solve customers’ problems. 

The final note on video content for business

As you’ve seen, there is no shortage of options for video content marketing, but this list is far from exhaustive. We hope that this article was helpful for you in generating great content for your potential customers. 

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