How To Access and Check Your E-Payslip Online in Ghana

Basically, a payslip is just a piece of paper that contains details about your salary or “pay”. Aside from it being just a piece of paper, a payslip is a very important document as it contains several important information about an employee and his financial records or data.

Payslips can also perform several other important functions when you need them to. For example, you need your payslip as proof of employment when applying for a loan or mortgage for your house. This assures the bank that every month, there is some minimum amount of money that could be deducted from your salary since you have a job.

Even in some cases, payslips are required when you are seeking a new job or promotion from your old job. In such cases, the employer uses your payslip as proof of how much you were earning in your previous job and they can either top-up or maintain the same pay structure, etc.

These and many others are the reasons why payslips are very important for every employee. But, although payslips are very important, getting them in Ghana can be very difficult. For some jobs, this will not be the case but for others, this will be a little problem.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances and situations, the Controller & Accountant General’s Department have introduced an E-Payslip platform where workers can access their payslips whenever and wherever they need it, and this guide is going to walk you through how you can access it and check it.

How To Access and Check Your E-Payslip in Ghana

Accessing your E-Payslip in Ghana is an easy and straightforward process. But, before you can access the platform, you must first register. Follow the steps below to register for the E-Payslip platform in Ghana.

How To Register For The E-Payslip Platform

  1. Visit on your smartphone or computer
  3. Ask your Head of Department or your immediate supervisor for the first-time registration code to continue
  4. Enter the employee number and confirm it
  5. Create a password and re-enter it in the confirm box to confirm your password
  6. Enter your registration code obtained from your HoD or supervisor
  7. Enter your email (if any) and phone number (02XXXXXXXX) in the spaces provided
  8. Enter the code shown and click on the Register button to complete the process
  9. After that, you will be automatically directed to the homepage of the E-Payslip platform
  10. Enter the required login to log into the E-Payslip system or platform

How To Access and Check Your E-Payslip Online in Ghana

Now that you have successfully registered for the platform and you have the login details, you can now access your E-Payslip.

  1. Visit on your smartphone or computer
  2. Enter your Employee Number and the password you created to sign in
  3. Click on My Payslip and then select the month you want to have a look or download the payslip
  4. Click on Generate and then the Save or Print button at the upper part of the screen
  5. Lastly, click to save or print the payslip for that specific month

How To View, Save and Print Your Payslip Using My Payroll

  1. Visit on your smartphone or computer
  2. Enter your Employee Number and the password you created to sign in
  3. Select My Payroll
  4. Select the Payslips tab
  5. Click on a Payslip to download it in PDF format
  6. Click on Print and the PDF will be opened in a new tab
  7. Finally, you can either print or save the payslip as a PDF on your phone or computer for future reference


Having access to your payslip should not be a very difficult task for you. Instead, it should be very easy, fast, accessible, and reliable. Therefore, this intervention by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to introduce an E-Payslip platform in Ghana will go a long way to help Ghanaian workers.

Now, you can simply go on your phone or computer and print or download your payslip for your loan, mortgage, proof of employment, and whatever else you may need your payslip for. Also, since this is now accessible on phones, you should be very careful about where you keep them and also be careful about your password and login details.

Keeping them at a safer and more reliable place will go a long way to help save you from a catastrophe in the near future. Payslips are very important documents and they should be kept as such.

How do I open an e-payslip file?

Make sure you have a pdf reader app or software on your smartphone or computer and open your e-payslip with this pdf reader app or software preferably Adobe.

How do I register my payslip online?

You cannot register your payslip online unless you are the administrator of your company. But, you can register to view, access, or download your e-payslip using the steps outlined in this article.

How can I check my payslip online in Ghana?

Log into and then click on My Payslips, select the month and then you can view, download, or print your payslip in pdf format.

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