Accessories To Make Your Phone’s Camera Powerful

Phone photography is on the increase in our Tech world. Many people prefer taking photos with their mobile phones because of its smart photographic features.

Acquiring a professional camera for Photography and videos has not been busy. One would have to have a good amount of money to acquire a camera.

It’s not like that with Mobile phones. With a few bucks, you would be able to acquire a mobile device and make use of its camera for photography.

Samsung and iPhone has the capability to take high-end photographs like the DSLR cameras. The Media-Tech Devices are also doing well in the Mobile Photography field.

Techno, Infinix, Itel, are few of the rest improving their camera qualities for Mobile Photography.

The increase in the usage of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others, there is a need for Mobile Phones to improve their Camera qualities and that is exactly what it’s been done.

In every release of Smartphones, there is a better performance than the last in terms of camera. Incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI), the use of multiple lenses, camera sensors, and software makes a little pro-shooter.

An Avid photographer sees the need to get a phone that takes quality photographs since its easier to carry around.

Some of the best smartphones with quality photography camera features include:

  • Samsung s20
  • Iphone SE
  • Huawei P20 pro
  • HTC U 12+
  • Xaomi Mi 8
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Xiaomi OnePlus 6 and many more.

Having the best camera phones does not mean you can take quality photos. To take photos like the DSLR camera’s, you need accessories added to your Mobile phone to make you take the best photos. Below are the accessories you can use to make your phones’ camera powerful.

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Mobile phones also use external lenses. Adding external lenses to your smartphone device gives it extra power in taking photos or videos. With these add-on lenses, you can experience the fisheye, super-wide-angle, or macro shots beyond your existing camera.

Some lenses also include filters such as starburst filter, radial filter, polarized lens filter, and many more. Most phones have their own external lenses specifically for their brand, but there are universal ones for almost all devices.


Having an extra light source reduces noise and grain in your photos. The inbuilt lights in most phones are too low for taking quality photographs. The front camera has a very low light to support quality photos at night with the rear camera with little improvement.

There is a lot of portable LED light source around in the market that can be purchased to improve your mobile photography.


If you are on a budget, tabletop tripods are the cheapest, lightest, and easy to carry tripods that make you take steady shots so that you never worry about shaky or blurry photos.

The tabletop tripod can be adjusted to fit any surface. Alternatively, you can opt for the Gorillapod Stand. There a whole lot of tripods you can choose from, to make your photos study.


Storage space is very vital in mobile photography. A recent study shows quality photos take up 15% of storage spaces. With a lot of details, mobile cameras and even DSLR cameras take is something not to overlook.

I took an image with my phone and checked the size, it was 6.06 MB file. Assume taking 50 photos and see the storage space it will take. With this, you don’t have to overlook storage.

Most Android devices support the use of external storage devices like memory cards and pen drives. You can have an additional storage device to support your phone’s storage. There are up to 256 GB memory cards available in the market.


You can turn your mobile phone to a powerful camera device to shoot professional photos just like a pro. If you get the external accessories listed above, you are on your way to shooting professional images for your Instagram handles or personal use.

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