How To Activate Roaming On MTN Ghana

Travelling out of your country can be fun and also a very beautiful experience. With all the glamour that comes with it. However, it could become a great headache if you are new to a country and you are unable to get in touch with your relatives and friends back home.

This is mostly because you do not have access to a SIM Card from any of the Telecommunications networks available in your new country. So you try dialling a close relative’s number and you get that annoying beep sound. All your lines have turned to ‘Emergency mode’ and you are wondering what in God’s name is wrong with the network. Isn’t it supposed to be way better in a far advanced country as the one you’re currently in?

You are not far from the truth. But also, you may be mistaking. To save you this stress and headache, MTN has a special offer/feature to enable you to make calls from anywhere in the world using your MTN Sim.

In this article, we talk about the MTN roaming service, its charges and how to activate it.

What Is MTN Roaming Service?

The MTN international roaming service is a service by MTN Ghana to enable its loyal customers to connect to their family and friends in Ghana from over 171 countries in the world, while still using their MTN Ghana SIM card.

This is particularly efficient for people on a short trip to other countries.

The MTN Roaming service covers voice calls, text messages and data.

The MTN data roaming service allows users to send and receive emails, browse the internet and share special moments even when they are outside Ghana.

For prepaid MTN customers, they are automatically connected to the MTN data roaming service once they leave the shores of Ghana and enter another territory.

What Are The MTN Roaming Charges?

The roaming charges are in various categories depending on whether you want only data, only voice bundle or you want both. Find below the charges for the MTN hello world roaming packages.

Voice OnlyVoice And DataData Only
GHS 240250 Mins 100 – Outgoing 150 – IncomingGHS 340120 Mins – Outgoing 200 Mins – Incoming 500 MB – Data40 GHS500 MB
    80 GHS1000 MB
    165 GHS2000 MB
    410 GHS5000 MB

There are other packages and charges on a country-specific basis. To find out all about the MTN roaming charges, kindly check here.

How To Activate MTN Roaming Service

Interestingly, Roaming services are automatic for all Prepaid MTN customers. Provided you are a prepaid customer, your phone automatically detects once you have moved out of the country.

So, in order to stay on the roaming service, the only thing you need to do is for you to buy as much airtime as possible on your MTN Sim card before you travel out of the Country.

Once you reach your destination country, your phone will present a list of Networks in your manual network searching mode. Kindly select MTN Ghana from the list.

The good news is that, in case you run out of airtime while there in your destination country, you can contact anyone in Ghana to help you top up your line and still continue roaming.

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Moving out of Ghana doesn’t have to stop you from using your MTN Sim card. And it should stop you either from staying in touch with your family and friends down here. You can do all these, thanks to MTN’s roaming service.

So here in this article, we looked at what the MTN roaming service is, what it means, how it works, its charges and how to activate it.

If you have any questions, comments or reservations regarding this article, kindly get in touch with us or let us know in the comment box below.

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