How To Add Two Or More Twitter Accounts To Your Twitter App

Have you wished to keep your business and personal lives separate on Twitter? Or, do you want to have another account separate from your personal account away from friends on Twitter? Yeah! you are right- it’s not OK mixing business with personal life or pleasure.

You can create a second or more account separate from your main account and just switch between them.

Each account you create needs to have a different username but with the same email address except you want to use multiple email addresses each. It’s simple, just add a dot (.) or any character to the usernames and twitter will see it as different from your main account but with the same mail.

Account creation can be done by visiting or you can download the twitter app from the Android Mobile App or IOS.

Creating Twitter Account On The Web

For account creation on the web, go to Twitter’s homepage and click on the signup button. Follow the account registration process by entering your name, then proceed to enter your email address or phone number then press enter to go to the next step.

Twitter will send you a verification message to your email or an SMS to your mobile if you used a number to register. Find and enter the code inside the verification code field. Press enter and set your password from the next screen.

The next step is adding your photo and bio. If it is a business account, add the business logo to the upload profile field and add the business info in the bio field. Same way if it’s a personal account, add your profile image and a brief biography about you.

Choose your interests by selecting the interests listed, twitter will then suggest accounts you might want to follow. You can follow as many people you want in this step,

Twitter auto sets usernames for registered accounts. If the username provided does not interest you, click on the profile icon and select Settings and Privacy. Click on the username at the top of the newly opened window and type your preferred username.

The username should contain only letters, numbers, and underscores with no spaces and must be up to 15 characters or less. Click the save changes to save the details.

Adding Two Or More Twitter Accounts On Mobile

In this section, we will be looking at how to create two or more Twitter accounts using your mobile app.

Open your Twitter app and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. On IOS, tap on the ellipsis icon (), while Android users will tap on the small down arrow.

Tap on the Create New Account, and type in the required details. Now Snc Twitter to your contacts and start following people you would want to follow.

Using Multiple Account On The Web

Now you have both accounts set up, both accounts can be switched between. When on the website, you can’t use both accounts in the same browser. If both account are needed at the same time, you would have to open both accounts in two separate browsers.

Using Multiple Accounts On Mobile

On mobile, switching between two or more account is very easy. Sign in one account as the app is opened, and tap on your profile account. Now select the ellipsis/down arrow icon.

Select the ‘add an existing account’ and login to your second account. Now, both accounts will be linked to your phone. Every time you open your Twitter app, you will see both accounts linked and you can switch between them as much as you want.

Deactivating A Twitter Account

If you decide you no longer need multiple accounts anymore, there is an option to deactivate. Sign in to the account you no longer need, and click on your profile icon and select ‘Settings and Privacy’.

Scroll down to the button of the window and press on Deactivate your account. Enter your twitter password to confirm.


There are a lot of people who wouldn’t love to mix their personal lives to their business. Having a single Twitter account that blends both business and entertainment is not encouraging thus, the need for multi-twitter accounts.

In this article, I have elaborated on the steps to have two or more twitter accounts on your twitter mobile app.

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