Airtel Insurance: How to Subscribe and all you need to know

Airtel Insurance: What is it?

Airtel Insurance is a free insurance policy for all Airtel Ghana subscribers between the ages of 18-65 years. Airtel Insurance primarily covers two events: Death and Hospitalisation. The Airtel Insurance subscriber benefits from a cash payout for any of these events, depending on the airtime recharged each month termed as the contribution.

Types of covers:

  1. Maternity cover

If a woman gets into labour and gets admitted for 6 days, she stands a chance of getting claims, depending on the number of contributions, she makes.

Meanwhile, there are two sub-branches under the maternity terms.

They are:

  • Max cover

This is about ensuring yourself as a subscriber, there is a monthly charge of GHS 2.00, it’s flexible deducted on daily or monthly basis depending on the desired terms.

  • Family cover

With this a subscriber can insure himself or herself and an additional relative, there is a monthly charge on this one as well, thus GHS 4.00, at the end of every month.

  1. Hospital cash

If a subscriber is hospitalized for 3 nights and over, he/she stands a chance of getting a claim depending on the contributions made.

  1. Life cover

While a subscriber is alive, he/she stands the chance of getting his/her claims paid to him/her, depending on the contributions made. Very convenient.

  1. Accidental or disability cover

If a subscriber gets involved in an accident leaving him or her permanently disabled, he/she has claims to benefit from, depending on the contributions made

Benefits of Airtel Insurance

Below are the benefits a subscriber can derive from Airtel Insurance

Monthly Usage Life Cover Accidental Disability Cover Hospital Cash Cover Maternity Cover
This month Next month Next month Next month
GHS 0 – 4.99 GHS 500 GHS 500 GHS 50 GHS 100
GHS 5 – 9.99 GHS 1,000 GHS 1,000 GHS 100 GHS 200
GHS 10 – 19.99 GHS 2,000 GHS 2,000 GHS 150 GHS 300
GHS 20 – 49.99 GHS 3,500 GHS 3,500 GHS 250 GHS 500
GHS 50 and up GHS 7,500 GHS 7,500 GHS 500 GHS 1,000

How to subscribe to Airtel Insurance

  1. Type *580# and send
  2. Wait a while, the various options will be displayed.
  3. Choose from the options, your preferred one.
  4. Press send, patiently wait for a while for your confirmation.

How to Claim your Airtel Insurance

  • To make a claim, a subscriber will have to call 580 and Airtel call centre agents will assist him/her.
  • Claim payments will be made within 72 hours of receipt of valid documents and will be paid over Airtel Money to the subscriber.

Have you tried Airtel Insurance yet? If you need more information on the Insurance offer, visit the official FAQ or leave a comment below. Check out other cool products from Airtel Ghana like the Airtel Sika Koo offer

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