AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle: Shortcode, Tricks, How to Subscribe, Benefits & More

AirtelTigo is seeking to capture the hearts and minds of data and talk lovers by introducing the Fuse Bundles.

AirtelTigo Fuse Bundles is a set of voice and data bundles vith varying prices released in the Ghanaian market for subscribers of the AirtelTigo Network.

The bundles start at GHS 2 and due to the recent revamp by AirtelTigo, they have become increasingly useful to subscribers.

How to Subscribe to AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle

  1. Dial *567# on your AirtelTigo phone
  2. Select your preferred Fuse Xtra Bundle with no expiry
  3. Choose Option 1 or Option 2 to pay with Airtime or AirtelTigo Money respectively
  4. Confirm your subscription payment
  5. You will successfully be credited with the voice and data allowance from the AirtelTigo Fuse bundle.

AirtelTigo subscribers can also dial either *111# or *533# to subscribe to the available Fuse Bundles.

AirtelTigo Fuse Bundles

Here are the prices for the various bundle for AirtelTigo fuse. Remember that all of the bundles have no expiry.

Price (GHS)Voice MinutesDay Data Volume (MB)Night Data Volume (MB)

How to check your AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle Balance

The code to check the remaining AirtelTigo Fuse bundle is *504#.

Please remember that once your bundle is exhausted, AirtelTigo will switch you to the default class. Also, when you use the AirtelTigo Fuse bundle with other bundles such as Unlimited onnet calls, Sika Kooko and other expiry bundles, you will be deducted from your Fuse Bundle first.

The Fuse Bundle is for all those people who are looking to spend a specified amount for a data plan that offers good balance in calls and day and night browsing.

How to unsubscribe from the AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle

To stop your subscription from the AirtelTigo Fuse bundle, all you need to do is finish using your current bundle pack. You will not be auto subscribed to the service.

If you are looking for a browsing only data plan, this might not be the best option.

What do you think? What other data plans from AirtelTigo are you excited about? Let’s hear you.

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