AiSchedule vs. Combin- Which Platform is Better to Auto-Post on Instagram?

Thanks to its highly engaged audience, Instagram can be named as the powerhouse for the social marketing of businesses. According to Instagram’s 2019 internal data, 90% of users on this platform follow a business. However, with this level of popularity, the competition to gain engagement on Instagram is also brutal. So, to help you to push through the clutter and outpace your competitors, several sites to buy Instagram followers are present in the market.

Since scheduling your Instagram content is important to maintain your brand at the top, you’ll need a good quality Instagram scheduler. While browsing through the list of such scheduler tools, we came across AiSchedule and Combin. To help you choose between the two, today we’re going to compare Combin with AiSchedul, the professional Instagram manager platform. So, let’s dive in and have a look at the features of both. 


AiSchedule is a package of Instagram management tools. It enables you to manage multiple IG accounts at the same time and schedule posts and stories. It is also integrated with growth services and DM management tools to help you grow your likes organically from a single dashboard

Combin is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers by helping you manage your account in a better way. It is designed to schedule posts and stories to be updated on some fixed date and time. Combin has a large number of features and is a very user-friendly app to help digital marketers to gain engagement on Instagram. 

Both these tools boast of being the best, but let us compare them to help you opt one out for your needs. 


The setup for AiSchedule is really simple. Visit the AiSchedule Website and on the dashboard, click on the “Get Started” button. Register using necessary data such as your name, your email address, and your password. You’re all set to enjoy its features now. 

After the setup, you can easily log in to your AiSchedule account and add your IG account by clicking on “Add Instagram Account” on the dashboard. Enter your username and password and your IG account can be added successfully. You can add multiple Instagram accounts on AiSchedule.

Registering with Combin is a bit more complex. Visit and choose Instagram Scheduler. You’ll need to agree with the service policy, before starting the download. Combin must be installed on PC and is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions. Like Aigrow, it is also available in three languages- English, German and Spanish. 

After the desktop app installation, you’ll need to connect your IG account by entering your IG username and password. After login, you can see your posts and followers on the desktop app. 

Topnotch Features

AiSchedule is not just an Instagram scheduler tool. AiSchedule can help you to manage a number of Instagram accounts and edit and schedule posts and stories. It can automatically respond to comments or even tag people and locations. AiSchedule also allows you to repost content on Instagram making it one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. 

If you wish to become a professional Instagrammer, AiSchedule is just the tool for you. It not only saves time but can also get more attractions. 

Combin is a smart and useful tool that helps you work on a desktop easily, and thus gives a more ordered IG. It has two separate applications to gain engagement on Instagram and to schedule content. The Combin scheduler app can schedule posts and stories as well as define tasks. It also allows you to choose your Instagram grid style. 

But, you cannot set auto-response on Combin for comments or edit your content. Combin enables you to search for posts using a particular hashtag or location. You can also search for any user and select all of their posts to like or comment on. Combin allows users to connect with their target audience through advanced targeting features. 

Support and Maintenance 

Both IG management services provide very reliable customer support and maintenance services. AiSchedule has a FAQ section and if you have any problem getting started with AiSchedule, you may consult it for solutions. You can also look at the guides available on AiSchedule blog which probably answer most of the questions that might arise. There’s also an option of connecting to the help center. 

The help section of Combin is also very structured and detailed, consisting of brief descriptions about different processes. The Guides, FAQs, and How-Tos can easily solve nearly all the queries you might be seeking answers for. Combin also has the online assistant facility to help you clear your doubts.

Pricing and plans 

AiSchedule offers new users a 5-day free trial. It is not at all limited and lets you examine almost all of its features and decide whether you want to use it further or not. It has two different plans for users. One of the two plans is always free but you can only access some features in this version. The other plan gives you complete access to all the features and costs only $9 per month. AiSchedule is highly economical in comparison to other tools.

Combin also provides a free starter package, in which you have limits of 100 post actions and can use only one account. Nonetheless, Combin is more affordable as you need to just pay $10 per month for the personal package without any limitations on post action, but on one account only. The business package is for $30 per month for unlimited features and upto 5 IG accounts. This is really costly when compared to AiSchedule. 

Bottom Line

Combin is a very good Instagram scheduler and is helpful in saving time, but it can only be used on desktop, and not your mobile phone. On the other hand, AiSchedule gives you similar features at a more affordable cost, on any browser. Both of these tools are the best sites to buy Instagram followers, but you have to decide which one meets your needs appropriately to gain engagement on Instagram. 

Just keep in mind the budget you’re working with, the features you need to have to suit your social strategy and at last the number of social accounts you need to connect.

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