All AirtelTigo Ghana Data Bundles & Plans

In our modern era where technology is dominating our way of living, internet data plays a very important role in how we make certain decisions. Almost everything we do nowadays has a bit of internet in it.

Like the last time you wanted to check out if you had a WhatsApp message, did you not turn on your mobile data? When you wanted to order that pizza a few days ago, didn’t you use your mobile data? If you are a university student, how would you have been able to register for your courses for the semester if you had no data on your phone?

All these questions are a true reflection of the fact that the internet is the new normal and before you can access the internet on your device, you need to purchase a data plan. It’s fine to say that it isn’t necessary to buy data since you can still browse the internet with your airtime, but you can try that and give me your experience in the comments section below.

As one of the biggest telecommunications networks in Ghana, AirtelTigo has several data bundles and plans available for its customers and prospective customers. These data bundles are classified under different categories, and we are going to show you all that.

In this article, you are going to find out all AirtelTigo Ghana data bundles & plans and you can subscribe or purchase each of them on your device. That sounds interesting right, let’s jump right into it.

All AirtelTigo Data Bundles & Plans

Depending on what you need data for on your device, AirtelTigo has a package that is tailored for your needs. Currently, these different data bundles are classified under five (5) main data plans.

These are the Big Time Data Bundle, Night Bundles, AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle, Family Pack (XXL), and Sika Kokoo Bundles. Below are the detailed description and explanations of each of these plans.

AirtelTigo BigTime Data Bundle

The AirtelTigo BigTime Data Bundles are the basic data bundles provided by AirtelTigo to all its customers, whether you are a high-income earner or low-income earner there is a package made specifically for you. And the interesting thing about this bundle is that it does not expire.

With as low as 50p, you can get a whopping 25MB of non-expiry data. If you want to buy a BigTime data bundle on AirtelTigo, all you need to do is to dial *111*# and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from your scratch card by dialing *126*PIN#, where the PIN is the number on the scratch card.

When you buy a BigTime data bundle from your AirtelTigo Money wallet you can get extra data for FREE. Below is the price list for the AirtelTigo BigTime Data Bundle.

Price (GHS)Via Airtime AccountVia AirtelTigo Money

AirtelTigo Night Bundle

The AirtelTigo Night Bundle, just as the name suggests, is a data bundle made for people who are active at night, i.e., “nocturnal”. This type of data bundle is active between the hours of 12 midnight and 4:00 am each day.

To purchase the AirtelTigo Night Bundle, dial *111#, select option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then select option 3 (Night Packs). The available packages are as follows.

AmountVolume (GB)Validity
GHS 34.512 am – 4 am
GHS 57.512 am – 4 am

AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle

Like the Night Bundle, this data bundle is tailored for people who wake up early in the morning and use the internet. Its period of validity is from 4 am to 7 am. Dial *111#, select option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then select option 2 and then follow the prompts.

AmountVolume (GB)Validity
GHS 11.14 am – 7 am
GHS 22.54 am – 7 am

AirtelTigo Family Pack (XXL) Data Bundle

There is a popular saying which goes like “sharing is caring” and what better way to share than to share a data bundle for your family members. With this package, you get a data bundle that you can share with up to 3 family members. This is available to all prepaid AirtelTigo users.

Dial *111#, select option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then follow the screen prompts to choose the package that suits you. The available packages are as follows.

GHS 9925 GB30 days
GHS 20055 GB30 days
GHS 350170 GB30 days

AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Data Bundle

The AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo data bundle gives you more data at low prices valid for up to 5 days. This package gives you value for your money and is a good choice for streaming, downloading, and gaming.

The AirtelTigo Sika Bundle can be purchased by dialing *111#, selecting option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then following the prompts. You can buy it using your AirtelTigo Money wallet or Airtime account.

GHS 31GB1 day
GHS 51.1GB3 days
GHS 62GB2 days
GHS 103GB5 days
GHS 114.5GB2 days
GHS 155.5 GB4 days
GHS 207GB5 days


Finding money in this era can sometimes be difficult and as a result, you shouldn’t spend all the money you make on data bundles. Therefore, these several packages provided by AirtelTigo are very good since each person can find what suits him/her.

Check each of them out and select the one you know meets what you need and the money you have in your wallet. If you have any challenges, you can contact the AirtelTigo Ghana Customer Care centre or share your concern in the comments section below for us to check and help you out.

How do I activate AirtelTigo Unlimited bundle?

To activate the AirtelTigo Unlimited bundle, dial *111# and then select option 3 (Unlimited Calls Bundle), and then follow the prompts.

Is AirtelTigo 4G in Ghana?

No, AirtelTigo is not 4G in Ghana at the moment. However, the internet is fast and can be used for almost every other thing else.

How do I buy AirtelTigo bundles?

Dial *111# and you will be provided with a list of the available AirtelTigo data bundles and plans.

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