All Glo Ghana Data Bundles & Plans

When it comes to the telecommunication industry in Ghana, there are only a few companies that are serving the varying needs of customers all over the country. One of such companies that have served Ghanaians with quality data bundles and plans for their internet needs is Glo.

Glo become a very popular network provider in Ghana some few years ago during which they acquired some shares of the telecommunication market. After some time, due to some myths and network issues, they began to lose some of their customers and their relevance in the network providers market in Ghana.

Just a few months after that, the number of customers dropped massively, and this led the company to strategize its plans and improve its service delivery. After some months of strategizing and planning, they were able to come back stronger even though the number of customers did not increase as it did when it come initially.

According to research published by the National Communications Authority (NCA) in November 2021, Glo recorded data subscriber figures of 270,478 at the end of July 2018. This translates to a total market share of 1.23% as compared to approximately 49, 23, and 27 percent of MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo respectively.

Even though Glo Ghana does not have the numbers as compared to the other telecom companies, one thing that has kept Glo one of the best in their vast variety of affordable data bundles and plans. This guide is going to show you all Glo Ghana Data Bundles & Plans and how to purchase them.

All Glo Ghana Data Bundles & Plans

Currently, in Ghana, there are eight (8) main data bundles and plans provided by Glo Ghana. These are the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Mega Data, Unlimited Data, Weekend packs, Auto-Renewal, and Non-Auto Renewal data plans. Let’s look at each of the eight (8) data plans and how to use purchase them.

Glo Ghana Data Bundle

This type of plan is meant for people who prefer to buy their data daily instead of buying it and using it for a long time. As a result, they expire 24 or 96 hours the purchase was made therefore, you have to make sure to use all within this period of validity.

To buy the Glo Daily Data Bundle, dial *555# and follow the prompts. The available packages are as follows. The plus means when you gift it to someone the person gets an extra 200MB.

GHS 1100MB1 day
GHS 2600MB + 200MB4 Days

Glo Ghana Weekly Data Bundle

The Glo Ghana Weekly Data Bundle is meant for people who prefer to buy their data packages weekly instead of daily. There are several options available for each individual and below are the various packages. To buy this data, dial *555# and follow the prompts.

The plus means when you gift it to someone the person gets an extra 500MB.

GHS 51.5GB + *500MB10 days
GHS 104GB7 days

Glo Ghana Monthly Plans

Just as the name suggests, these plans are meant to last for a month and more. Therefore, depending on your needs and budget there is a package for you. These are the available packages and their validity period. Dial *555# and follow the screen prompts to buy this data.

The plus means when you gift it to someone the person gets an extra 2GB.

GHS 204.2GB30 days
GHS 206GB + *2GB40 days
GHS 4010GB30 days
GHS 5015GB30 days
GHS 6020GB30 days

Glo Mega Data Plans

GHS  8030GB60 days
GHS 10060GB90 days
GHS 150100GB90 days

Glo Unlimited Data Plan

For people who use the internet for everything they do like work, meet, etc, then getting an unlimited data plan will be ideal for you. Because of that, Glo has the Glo Unlimited Data Plan which helps people to get unlimited access to the internet at a fixed fee.

For just 300 GHS for 30 days, you can use the internet unlimitedly. This means that you can use the internet for whatever you want to do without worrying about breaking the bank. All you must do is to pay for the package upfront and then you can enjoy UNLIMITED internet access. Dial *555# to enjoy this package.

Glo Ghana Weekend Packs

If you work a 9 to 5 job, then you use the internet most during the weekend. Because of that, Glo has a package to help suit your needs. These packages are only active on Saturdays and Sundays. Below are the various packs.

GHS 21.5GBSaturday
GHS 21.8GBSunday

Glo Ghana Auto-Renewal and Non-Auto-Renewal Plans

The auto-renewal plan is meant to auto-renew every day without you having to manually buy it. Once you have enough airtime, you are good to go and vice versa for the Non-Auto-Renewal Plan. They are both GHS 1 and come with 500MB. The code for the Auto-Renewal and Non-Auto Renewal Plans are *127*20# and *127*72# respectively.


Unlike Nigeria, Glo doesn’t have a big market share of the telecommunication industry in Ghana but when it comes to affordable data bundles and plans you can’t leave them out. 

This guide has shown all the data bundles and plans provided by Glo Ghana, read through them, and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

What is the code for Glo data bundle?

To buy a data bundle on Glo, dial *555# and follow the prompts to choose the bundle or plan that matches your needs.

Does Glo have an unlimited data plan?

Yes, Glo Ghana has an unlimited data plan which comes at a price of GHS 300 and is valid for 30 days. You can dial *555# to buy it now.

Does Glo have 4G in Ghana?

Not at the moment. Currently, Glo Ghana does not have 4G.

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