All MTN Short codes for Free Calls in Ghana

Overtaking rivals including Vodafone Ghana, Airteltigo, and Glo Ghana, MTN Ghana has been the country’s top telecom network.

Because of their numerous offers and promotions that draw users in, they have grown to be the most popular network in Ghana for a variety of factors.

These promotions include Pay 4 Me, No Expiry Data Bundles, MTN Jaara, MTN Free After One, and many others.

Ghana’s telecom sector, like that in many other nations, is always striving to provide top-notch services to its customers. Among the greatest network providers in the nation is MTN Ghana.

The company’s success is linked to its ongoing attempts to satisfy customers needs. Customers have access to a wide range of options that have been tailored to their needs. So there are many shortcodes.

It is common to forget some of the services that MTN Ghana provides because there are so many of them. To access MTN shortcodes whenever you want, you can bookmark this page.

MTN Short codes for Free Calls in Ghana

MTN Magic number

As a new MTN subscriber you enabled to subscribe to the MTN magic with a special number where you will be allowed to make free calls for as long as you want for 6 months. If your new sim has been used for nore than 6 months, then you are no more eligible. To activate,

  1. Dial *550#
  2. Select option 8(more)
  3. Choose option 2 (magic number)
  4. Enter 1 (MTN free call offer)
  5. Enter the phone number you want to use for subscription
  6. Press send the number will be activated.

MTN free after 1

MTN Free After 1, popularly known as MTN Nkomode allows MTN users to pay for only the first minute of their call and the rest is free for the next hour. To activate,

  1. Dial  *550#
  2. Select Option 6: (Free After 1)
  3. After that, Select Option 1: (Activate)
  4. Finally, Select Option 1 once again to confirm.

MTN Mashup

With MTN Mashup, you are given minutes to talk whenever you subscribe to a package. You will also be given data bundle to browse the Internet without any hassle. To subscribe,

  1. Dial *567#
  2. Choose option 1 (Mashup for self)
  3. Choose from the prices based on package you want.
  4. Enter amount.
  5. Click Send to continue.

Other MTN Shortcodes

*124#Balance Inquiry. Check your credit balance
*134*PIN#Reloading Airtime   
*138#Internet Bundles and SMS bundles
*1390#Reserve your number
*144*airtime receiver number*voucher number#Recharge airtime for someone
*156#Check your MTN mobile number
*170#MTN mobile money code
*175#Code to See and deactivate all MTN subscriptions
*198#  MTN Me2 u
*198>Transfer>receiver number>Amount>Decimal>PinShare Credit
*296#MTN aYo recharge with care
*300*20#Get jokes from MTN
*315#  MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode)
*400#Know your sim card details
*5050#  MTN Sunday Special
*5055#MTN Jaara
*506#  To borrow Some Credit
*511#Generate Mobile Money ATM token
*545#Check data usage
*550#MTN Free Call 6 months(MTN Akwaaba)
*567#  MTN Pulse
*585#MTN internet settings shortcode
*138#Internet Bundles, SMS bundles
*138*1*1#Internet daily bundle. From 20MB – 350MB
*138*1*3#Internet monthly bundle. From 300MB – 10GB
*138*1*5#Internet social bundle. For Accessing Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp only.
*138*1*4#Internet unlimited bundle
*138*1*2#Internet weekly bundle. From 25MB – 500MB
30037MTN Farm Direct. Access the best farming tips.
*5055#MTN Jara
*567*4#MTN Mashup Balance
*170#MTN mobile money access code and portal
154[0244000000]MTN pay for me. Dial 154 followed by a number without space. This will make the recipient of the call pay for the call.
*567#MTN Pulse
1303MTN Radio


Call MTN directly at their customer service number, 100, if you have any more questions. Please let us know in the comment area if there are any shortcodes that are missing from the list above.

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