AniFast: First fast smart-charging technology for smartphones and laptops in Africa

In recent times, oraimo has been in the news for all the right reasons. From the super sound FreePods Pro to their soundbars and more, oraimo is fast establishing itself as a brand that produces well-engineered gadgets, home appliances, and tech accessories for everyday use.

With quick charging becoming a required capability in the smartphone world, oraimo has come up with a revolutionary piece of technology that takes smartphone and device charging to the next level.

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Introducing AniFast smart-charging

For the average smartphone user, any phone charger with quick-charging capability is enough for powering up their device. It’s as simple as walking into the nearest gadgets shop and picking up the most affordable or robust-looking charger.

However, that’s a dangerous way to go about things, as users often end up with chargers that do not meet the recommended standards of their device’s manufacturer. This is where oraimo’s AniFast smart-charging technology steps in as a game changer.

oraimo AniFast technology

Every smartphone has a fast-charging protocol specified by the device manufacturer. The problem is, the average user does not pay much attention to such specifications when buying a replacement charger – ending up with chargers that power the phone alright, but also, damage and shorten the device’s lifespan.

AniFast comes with smart charging technology; you can charge phones and other devices quickly and conveniently. With “low current” feature, AniFast is specifically designed for use with low-current USB devices.

So whether your smartphone’s charging protocol demands to have 5V 1A, 5V 2A, 5V 2.4A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, or 12V 1.67A current flowing through, AniFast would intelligently adapt to the required protocol in order to protect the battery while fuelling up the device.

Who is AniFast for?

AniFast is for everyday consumers using multiple mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets while on the go. Such users need to have their devices powered at all times and will benefit from smart and quick device charges. AniFast-enabled power banks can be used to keep smartwatches powered as well.

What devices can be powered with AniFast chargers and power banks?

AniFast-enabled chargers and power banks can be used to power smartphones, as well as low-current devices like smartwatches; including the Apple iWatch, and also portable hand fans or any such small device that needs charging.

Now, if you’re wondering how a 40,000mAh power bank can charge an iWatch without causing any damage, just remember that AniFast adapts to the device’s recommended charging protocol; eliminating the risk of overcurrent and(or) overcharge.

Overheating and its associated disadvantages, such as bloated batteries, is a common issue faced by most smartphone and battery-powered tech users. With AniFast, however, that risk is nonexistent as – once again – the technology is designed to detect and switch to your device’s recommended charging protocol – keeping the charging temperature cool and controlled.

AniFast will charge anything fast without compromising the structural integrity of said device’s battery.

oraimo power accessories with AniFast

oraimo Toast 10 Byte II


  • Wide view LED Smart Display – Battery at a Glance
  • 10000mAh High Capacity – Efficient Charging
  • Universal Compatability – Easy Charging
  • 2.4A Max Fast Charging – Quickly replenish energy
  • Anti-scratch texture – Durable and Comfortable

oraimo Toast 10 flash powerbank


  • 2.4A max fast charging
  • Power on the go
  • Dual recharging modes
  • Safe, high-quality circuit chip

oraimo Traveler 3 Byte (27000mAh Power Bank)

This power reservoir will keep your devices juiced up while you’re on the go – providing you with multi-layered protection (see closing paragraph) to ensure your smartphones or watches do not heat up due to being overcharged.

Measuring 159*81*32, the Traveller 3 Byte doesn’t take up much space and can snugly fit in your pockets. You can also track the charging progress of any connected device with the LED display.


  • Ultra high capacity
  • Dual fast charging
  • Multi protection safety system
  • Power LED Display

oraimo PowerGaN 45W Charger (Supports laptop charging)

What makes it special?

You don’t often get a laptop and smartphone charger in the same brick, but with the PowerGaN 45, you can have the best of both worlds. This charger will resurrect your dead laptop battery from 0-100 in only 37 minutes. With the multi-layered protection feature, you can rest assured that the right amount of current is flowing to get your computer powered up. Also, it supports all devices, including your iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. No one is left out of the party.


  • AniFast technology
  • GaN Tech – 3 Times Faster
  • 5A Charging Speed
  • PD3.0 & QC3.0 & PE2.0 Compatible
  • Multi-protection
  • Improved Durability
  • Scratch & Smudge Resistant

oraimo Firefly 3 fast charging kit with micro USB

The Firefly 3 is not your regular charging brick; this brick is supported by oraimo’s AniFast, meaning you are assured of fast charging at a reasonable price point. Like all other power solutions from oraimo, support for Apple devices is guaranteed. 

Firefly 3 has a LED display to track your charging process. Isn’t this smart?

Every Firefly 3 comes with an oraimo DuraLine 2 Data Cable (Micro USB/Lightning/Type-C) that supports fast charging, high-speed syncing with any device, and the cable’s durability to stand different use cases. Per the package specification, the cable is 1m in length with an output of 5V 2A Max.

For Charger specs:

  • Model: OCW-U66S
  • Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz, 0.35A
  • Output: 5.0V = 2.0A 10.0W

AniFast Technology FAQs

Which oraimo power accessories come with AniFast?

AniFast supports oraimo PowerBox 400, oraimo PowerGaN 45W Charger, and more.

Is AniFast safe for iPhones or Apple devices?

Yes, AniFast-enabled chargers and power banks are safe for iPhones and other Apple devices. There’s nothing to worry about, as these were designed to comply with Apple’s charging protocols for each device. I say this as an Apple user, so take my word for it.
AniFast would charge your iPhone and Apple devices fast and safely – with no risk of overheating or bloating the battery.

 Where do I buy oraimo AniFast chargers and power banks?

You can buy oraimo devices powered by the Anifast technology. In case we missed any question on AniFast, or you have a question, kindly comment below, and I will be glad to provide an update with an answer!

Final words: The AniFast Guarantee

AniFast Instantly identifies any connected device and adjusts voltage output for tailored, optimized charging speed. With oraimo AniFast, you can charge your mobile devices as fast and conveniently as possible. No matter what phone, tablet, or watch you have, oraimo AniFast will deliver the fastest possible charge

7-Layers of Protection

oraimo AniFast employs a comprehensive safety system for your devices – guaranteeing you peace of mind. The layers are:

  • Overheat protection
  • Output overvoltage
  • Input overvoltage protection
  • V0 highest Grade fireproof
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection from overcharge and over discharge
  • Output overcurrent protection

Support for low–current devices

Automatically switches charging mode to protect low-current devices once it recognizes their charging protocol.

oraimo smart charging chip intelligently identifies your mobile phone’s fast–charging protocol in order to deliver the speediest possible charge

Charge devices up to 3x faster

Quickly replenish energy

  • PowerGaN 45 charges laptops from 0 – 100% in just 37 minutes
  • oraimo PowerBox 400 power bank charges iph13 to 60% in only 30 minutes

We hope the article helped you comprehend the potential of the oraimo Anifast technology and how it intelligently identifies your mobile’s fast–charging protocol to deliver the fastest possible charge. Remember, AniFast technology charges anything faster!

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