App For Saving For Business Start-up

This is something that technically our generation and even the older generation have an issue with and they need to work on, thankfully because of technology they now make apps that’ll do it for you.

You don’t have to go into any budgeting and things like that. I’m not sponsored by any of these apps or getting paid to talk about all these apps. These apps are used daily over and over again because they just work so well.

I’m going to try to make it as easy as possible for you to start saving for the business.


Platform: Android, iOS, Web

Is a financial app by Prime Nexus FTL Ltd which was created for seamless and easy digit zeal saving.

CORPRENEUR is an app for saving and investment that helps you with saving, allows you to invest, and empower entrepreneurs. To create an account is quick and easy to do via mobile app (android and iOS) and web.

Saving with CORPRENEUR starts with as low as NGN100 or up to NGN 100,000 daily, weekly, monthly, and earn up to 10% interest rate per annum.

With the seamless and easy ways of CORPRENEUR, entrepreneurs can create a business space to increase the visibility of their business online due to search engine optimization (SEO) for high rank by a search engine (google, bingo, etc.)


Fixed Savings

Allow you to put away cash for a long period and earn a fixed interest rate between 10% – 12.5 % on saving. Fixed saving cash range from NGN25,000 – NGN10,000,000 for 6 months or more.

Target Saving

Allow users to save toward a goal or targeted amount at an interest rate of 10% per annum. There is no fixed withdrawal period but once you reach your goal or targeted amount and it’s above the minimum period, your savings can be withdrawn.

Periodic Saving

Allow users to save any amount between NGN100 – NGN10,000,000 daily, weekly, monthly with an interest rate of 10% per annum.
Note: Periodic saving allows you to save money as long as you desire.

Corpreneur offer

  • Zero service fee
  • Flexible savings plan
  • High-level data encryption
  • Competitively interest rate
  • Transparency
  • Security of card

NB: the minimum amount you can withdraw from your savings is NGN3,000.


Platform: Android, iOS, Web

saving for business

Is a fintech start-up app founded 2017 by Edward Popoola and Razaq Ahmed, with over 100K download on Google Play Store and an approval rating of 4.5 stars.

Cowrywise is an app mainly build for those who are interested in saving and there is an option for those who want to invest. You can sign up with Cowrywise via mobile or web. The app educates you on saving, investing, and allow you to invest in mutual funds.

Cowrywise was created to help young Africans understand money, how to save, investing worthwhile, and also highly rewarding.

Cowrywise has a larger saving plan than other fintech apps I have reviewed. They include:

  • Periodic saving
  • Life goal-saving
  • Fixed saving
  • Halal saving
  • Saving circles
  • Save as you earn

Periodic Saving

allow users to save regularly from daily, weekly, or monthly and it’s meant for regular fixed earner, student, etc.

Life Goal Saving

allow you to save on long-term goals and it’s quite similar to target saving.

Fixed Saving

designed for those who want to save for a desired period e.g. 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Your saving will be locked for a fixed maturity date you set.

Halal Saving

Is a plan that goes with the Islamic banking system therefore Zero interest rate is the principle of Islam (Designed for the Islamic believers).

Saving Circles

Is meant for those who want to save together, a plan for those with common interest or goal to achieve (Designed for couples, loved ones, or business partners).

Save As You Earn

Was created for non-regular income earners, it allows you to deposit anytime you want with zero deposit commission (Designed for entrepreneurs, traders, and erratic income earners).

Cowrywise interest rate annually varies from 10% to 15% depending on how long the money is saved.


Platform: Android, iOS, Web

SumoTrust is a savings and investment platform by Sumo Tech Global Limited registered as a finance company, they claim to help reshape the poor saving and investment culture of Africans. They claim to help Africans save and raise money for any of the following purposes:

  • To saving for business.
  • Pay for rent
  • Buy property
  • Buy a car
  • Do some shopping
  • Pay school fees etc.

You can create an account with SumoTrust with a mobile app (Android and iOS) and web.


Main Savings

is an account designed for users to automatically save daily, weekly, or monthly as the case may be, you earn 10% interest per annum. You are allowed to make withdrawals on the stipulated withdraw-able dates.

Fixed Savings

is a category of savings in which you save your money for the desired period of about a year and earn a maximum of 15% interest annually. It’s sometimes called an investment account.

Mission Savings

An account type designed for the user who wants to save money for whatsoever project or target ahead. With this account type, you have the freedom to set your savings target, amount and then start saving until you hit the threshold.

Kick Account

This is an account that stores all interests earned in your above accounts, referral commissions, winnings, and bonuses, they are all paid into this account. This account doesn’t have any interest attached to it.
They offer:

  • Help one raise finances to start saving for business, building projects, buy cars, pay school fees, rent, etc.
  • An opportunity to meet high-class businessmen and women who can help groom your business to an enviable height which is meant for entrepreneurs.
  • High-interest rates are more than what is obtainable from local banks.
  • Zero commission fee for using any of their services.
  • Your money is very safe with them, with high-security encryption security.
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