App For Saving Money As A Student

This is easy to do and literally, anyone can do it, you just got to be a little disciplined.

There’s a whole bunch of apps out there that will do the things that we’re talking about we’re just going to go over our top apps after this you want to research other apps.

You can go on any platform and research more but we’re going to give you our top apps but the main thing we want to get out while I was doing this is financial responsibility.

These apps can be used on a day-to-day basis because they just work well. I’m going to try to make it as easy as possible for you to start saving as a student.

Here are apps to help you save money as a student:


Platform: Android, iOS, Web

saving as a student

PiggyVest is another financial related app to start saving as a student.

PiggyVest is an online saving app that helps student safely save their fund they don’t want to make use of. It is the largest growing financial app in Africa and was launched in 2016 as a fintech start-up, the first online saving and investment app in west Africa.

This is an easy app that helps you save and invest with ease, they offer various and investment plan to save cash periodically (daily, weekly, monthly), with these various plans come different interest rates. You can save as little as NGN1000 daily. The app help user maintains their saving discipline with their quarterly basis withdrawal date (withdrawal outside the agreed withdrawal date attract a 5% early withdrawal fee.



A feature that allows you to set an active debit subscription from your bank card to your PiggyVest saving (automatically till you reach your desired target).

The active debit can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, and also you can set the amount and hours you want the debit to happen.

Safelock Accounts

is a feature that allows you to decide when you want to use your money, the funds will be locked out of your fund till the desired date you fixed.

NB: the higher the duration you choose to safe lock your fund, the higher the interest rate per annum.

Target Savings

Allows you to create multiple target/group saving accounts. It helps you and other users save for a common interest or goal (this plan is beneficial to student/roommate saving to pay rent).

F&K Savings

Platform: Android, iOS, Web

F&K savings is a non-discriminatory Finance management platform that helps you plan your finances effectively, efficiently, and also helping you plan life decisions through consistent savings and Investment.

It was Created by Folarin Adeboye in 2017 with Damilare Abiodun (CTO) and Feyi Sitsofe Kwami (CIO). It aims to help people save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly) towards a specific financial goal and target or invest spare cash for a specified time while also avoiding the temptation to spend.

F&K savings has made it easy for you to avoid the temptation to spend excessively from different flexible savings and investment plan with simplicity, convenience, discipline, and flexibility to enable you to grow your savings and manage your finances with ease and confidence.

With F&K saving, you earn 10% – 20% interest on savings and earn over 25% returns on investments.


F&K Bronze

This is a monthly savings plan aim at helping individuals save spare cash. This savings package runs for 30 days and does allow for impulse withdrawal.

It is a short-term package available to all customers with zero interest rates and attracts a commission of NGN150. However, you are free to withdraw before or after 30 days.

F&K Silver

This is a 3 months savings plan (approximately 90 days or a semester) after which withdrawal is allowed.

Withdrawal during this plan is not allowed except for extremely serious reasons which will attract a charge. This plan is short term with a service charge of NGN400 and 1.5% interest on your savings.

F&K Gold

This is a 6 monthly savings plan which is approximately 180 days after which withdraw is allowed. A free withdrawal is allowed during this savings period of the plan.

This plan is short term with a service charge of NGN600 and 3% interest on your savings. All customers also have the option of continuity after the expiration date.

F&K Platinum

This is a Nine Months (approximately 270 days) savings plan.

This plan is for customers interested in saving in a long term thereby having a substantial amount of money to commit to a good investment. This plan attracts an interest rate of 4.5% of total savings including a service charge of NGN800.

F&K Diamond

This is 365 days or a yearly saving plan. This savings plan is a long-term subscription available to anyone.

A 6% interest rate on total savings at the end of the 365 days or year and this plan comes with a free financial investment consultancy service to help customers commit their Savings into productive projects. The commission is NGN 1000.

F&K Target

This Plan is made for those who want to save towards a particular goal this is meant for those who want to pay schools’ fees, purchase properties and assets, vacations and travels, etc.

This plan makes it possible to choose a savings target and Save towards it. Zero-interest rate and a 5% commission on total savings before the withdrawal.

F&K Unlimited

Also known as flexible savings. The customer has the privilege of saving for a long time (can save for as long as two (2) to five (5) years) and can also withdraw quarterly.

However, it comes with free quarterly withdrawal and up to 10% interest on total savings.

F&K Loan

It grants you access to the Loan facility to achieve your different goals. F&K Savings is committed to helping you achieve your goals especially Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SME’s).

F&K Investment

This mainly for Investors and those that would want to invest their savings into profitable businesses.

They offer:

  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Flexible saving channels.
  • PCI compliant payment processor to ensure that your savings and data are always safe.
  • Strict savings.
  • Cash withdrawals before the expiry date attract a 5% fine.
  • Instant savings.


Platform: Android, iOS, Web

KoloPay is similar to your local piggy bank but it’s based online. ̉Kolopay is an online savings platform that helps its users start saving as a student. It is a mobile and web application that helps people to achieve saving goals little by little over a while. The Kolopay app is a product of MYKOLO-TECH INNOVATIONS LIMITED.

Kolopay is a functional, secure, and easy app to use, privacy and security of its users are top priority, in other words, it does not save their bank credentials instead all personal information and transactions are encrypted. This platform is created on a cashless policy.

Your accounts are linked using your debit card details which are safe and secured. Your savings depend on what you desire, with freedom of customization to create your goals with their names.

This kolopay feature is flexible enough to help you save as low as NGN100 and as high as NGN100,000 at once. However, for you to stay true to achieve your goals you need the discipline of savings. Kolopay designed this application to help you maintain the required discipline to achieve goals by making the disburse button active at the due date you set for withdrawal.



Automatically save a fixed amount either Daily, weekly, or monthly.
Easy save: Save any amount at any time and any day you want.


Invite people to contribute toward your goal (crowd-fund).

Multiple Goals

Setup savings towards many goals e.g Just Savings for Rent, School fees, Car, etc.

High Interest Rate

Enjoy up to 10% annual interest on your savings when you lock your goals.


Your personal information is encrypted and transactions are securely processed.


As a student, you need to learn to cultivate a good savings habit. The apps mentioned in this article will help students in Ghana, Nigeria and most African Countries save enough that they can be proud of.

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