Apple Shops in Ghana: Buy, Fix or Sell iPhones, MacBook etc

In Ghana here, when we talk of phone brands, its either android or iPhone.

You might want to buy a new iPhone has been wondering where to buy it from, many people tend to buy it from online shops.

Others turn to visit the busiest places like the circle in Accra and PZ also in Kumasi.

These two places are best known for selling both original phone and fake phones.

When you visit any of these places, you might be lucky and get an original iPhone, but someone might not be lucky.

Also, there have been many phone repairers, in which many of them don’t have the skills to repair a phone when it is at fault, one phone they mostly destroy it is apple phones.

I remember when water entered a friend of mine’s phone, the iPhone was working all right, we decided to take it to a roadside iPhone repairer and this man told us to come for it in the next two days.

The two days wait was over and we decided to go for the phone, only to go and find out he has destroyed the phone and the phone is not even switching on again.

Maybe you want apple products like MacBook, iPhone and many more, or you want to repair your damaged iPhone product but don’t know where to take it to.

In this article, I am going to take you through computer shops in Ghana where you can buy and sell iPhones, MacBook and many more and also repair it when you encounter any fault.


iStore was launched in 2009 and they can be found in Accra mall and Kumasi Mall.
When it comes to the most popular apple reseller in Ghana, then iStore stands out.

They sell all Apple products be it iPhone, laptops, earbuds and many more.

They also repair Apple products and if you have a MacBook that is at fault, then don’t hesitate to contact them as they have the professional MacBook repairers.


If you have been using Facebook these days, you might have come across their ads, they are one of the best reseller shops we have here in Ghana.

They can be located at Junction Mall (Nungua), Accra Mall, Takoradi Mall, Osu, Melcom, Junction Mall (Nungua), Sprintex and Achimota Mall.

Freddies Corner

The company claims to be the number 1 retailer of original mobile phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Tecno, Infinix and many more.

Freddies corner sells the latest and original android and iPhones.

You can locate Freddies corner on Accra, Circle, Behind Holy Gardens Police.


In Ghana here, there are a few shops that sell original apple products, in this article we went through some of the shops in Ghana that you can buy and repair your iPhones, MacBook and all apple products.

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