Steps to apply for Ghana Card right now if you missed the mass registration

The Ghana card registration was held in 2019 across the country and resumed in 2020 August. Despite the exercise being held twice in the country, many people still have not undergone their registration for the card.

Due to the importance of this card, one can’t decide to register for it. It is a national identity card issued by the Ghana National identification authority(NIA) to citizens of the country, both residents and non-residents. The card can also be issued to foreigners who are legal and permanent residents.

People of the age 15 and above are eligible to register for the Ghana card. Refusal to register for the Ghana card will get your name removed from the country’s economy and lose several social, economic, and political benefits.

As of now, you can register for the ghana card online or go to the NIA office at Shiashi to get registered. First, you need to know the requirements for the Ghana card. The requirements are most necessary. During the mass registration, some of the requirements were really a problem for some people.

If you happen to be a Ghanaian by birth, registration, or naturalisation and you reside in Ghana currently, you require a Ghana card. The card is also necessary for Ghanaians living abroad and foreign nationals who are legal or permanent residents in Ghana. 

Necessary documents required to get a Ghana Card

  • Name, date, and place of birth, residential address, and digital address code.
  • Parent, partner, and next of kin information. Prepare to have addresses, names and nationality, hometown, and other personal data.
  • Parental information, including their Names, Address dates, and places of birth.
  • Biometrics, including your fingerprints, iris, and photograph). The NIA will take data at the registration centre.
  • Primary verification documents. These include your birth certificate, valid password, certificate of acquired citizenship, or naturalisation certificate.

Once you have all these details ready, you’re eligible to register for a Ghana card. And you were not able to register for the Ghana card during the mass registration, so you want to register for it before it’s getting too late for you. You can go to the NIA office at Shiashi to register or simply open the NIA online portal to register online. 

How to register for the Ghana card online 

Not very long ago, the National Identification Authority(NIA) launched an online Ghana card registration procedure. This was done to reduce the workload on the NIA agents working on getting everyone registered. Also, due to the covid 19. So now, from the comfort of your homes, you can simply log in to the NIA portal and follow the procedures to get registered. 

Procedures To Register For The Ghana Card

  1. Go to the official website of the NIA and open the online registration portal at
  2. Click on the “start new application” to be taken to the page where you’ll register. 
  3. On this page, an automatic registration ID will be generated for you. Write it down to be used later. 
  4. Enter a password of your choice in the “password box and re-enter it again. 
  5. Click on the “start registration button” to begin the process. 
  6. Now, you’ll be given a form to fill. First, write your names and then click on “yes, this is the name I want to use.” 
  7. This is the aspect where questions about your nationality will be asked. Do you have an existing National ID? are you a dual citizen? You’re required to choose yes/no in this step.
  8. Proof of nationality. You’re required to provide either your birth certificate or national passport.
  9. In this next step, you’ll be asked to select your means of identification to choose between an NHIS card, driver’s license, passport, SSNIT card, tax identification number, or national voters ID. 
  10. Click on the “save and continue” button. 
  11. You’ll receive a message prompt asking if you want to continue; click yes. 
  12. You’ll be directed to the next section of the application.
  13. You’ll fill in details of your gender, height, marital status, hair color, and education. Save and continue once you’re done filling in the correct information. 
  14. Fill inaccurate details of your date of birth, hometown, occupation, and place of birth. 
  15. You’ll be directed to the declaration page now.
  16. click yes to accept the declaration 
  17. You’ll receive an email confirming your application for the Ghana card. An option to download the document will be in your email. 
  18. Visit any NIA office with your printed Ghana card application forms to be finalized and your card to be handed to you. 

Suppose you go to the National Identification Authority (here is a list of the NIA offices in Ghana, use the one nearest to you) for the registration of the Ghana card. In that case, you’ll be asked to download and fill out the Registration Application Form (Household) and submit it to the NIA Head Office or via [email protected].

The Form can be found on the NIA website (

Compulsory requirements: The applicant’s Birth Certificate or valid Passport. Your registration will be finalized at the NIA office. Your card will be processed and given to you after a few minutes. This process is free. 


The Ghana Card is a crucial National identification. 

In fact, it will be our primary identification in the country from next year, so if you must register for yours as early as possible while it’s still free. Other than that, in a few years, you’ll find yourself paying a lot of money for the card. 

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