How to Apply for a Nigerian Passport Online [2022 Step by Step Guide]

The Nigerian International Passport is an opportunity to enjoy international travel and the pass to explore different cultures all around the globe. So you can travel anywhere in the world (if your visa is correct).

International passports are not the same as ECOWAS passports, which only allow entry for travel into only the fifteen West African countries, this includes Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Burkinafaso, among others. Nigerians wishing to travel outside West Africa must obtain an international Nigerian passport.

The online application process of the application is very simple and straightforward. If you live outside of Nigeria, you can apply online or at your nearest consulate. You must apply and submit your application before the day of departure to reduce unnecessary stress.

Once you’ve received your passport, all that’s left to do is pack and leave.

For new passports only the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is currently responsible and issues an electronic passport (e-passport) for new applications.

The masses are made to apply for a standard e-passport (green envelope) while the e-passport (blue envelope) is reserved for top government officials, civil servants, and Nigerian diplomats.

Nigeria citizens that is traveling outside of Nigeria for business, pleasure, or other activities such as school must have a Nigerian international passport.

You can apply for a 64-page passport if you plan to travel internationally on a regular basis throughout the year, this actually saves you the stress of applying for new passports and carry bulky documents all around the place. You can also go for the 32 pages visa if you aren’t the type that travels outside the country on a regular basis.

Requirements for applying for an international passport in Nigeria (Adults)

At the Nigeria immigration office, the requirements for an international passport are as follows:

  • Must be an Adults (18 years and above)
  • An already filled Application for processing the passport
  • 2 current passport size photos
  • Payment documents/receipts
  • Local government area identification Certificate/state of origin (with valid ID card)
  • Birth certificate
  • Completed Guarantor application form (with a copy of the data page of guarantor Nigerian e-passport and one passport-sized photo of guarantor)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable to you)
  • Declaration of name change (if applicable to you)

Requirements for applying for an international passport in Nigeria (Minors)

  • A fully Completed passport application form
  • One passport size photo (well-signed on the other side by the consenting parents)
  • Valid Birth certificate
  • Proof of Parents being a citizen of Nigeria
  • A Letter of consent from parents
  • Proof of payment made
  • In a case where the child is being adopted, a Court Order and Letter of approval from State Ministry of Women and Child Development would be required.

How to apply for a Nigerian Passport Online

  1. Firstly, you need to Visit the Nigerian Immigration Services portal :
  2. Make Selection for the passport type you want
  3. Chose the country you are processing the passport from
  4. Select and Complete all information on the application form
  5. Select and upload all the scanned copies of the required documents
  6. Choose your desired payment method (you can make payment with your ATMcards)
  7. After payment has been made, select“Submit”
  8. Then, You will be given an Application ID and a Ref number
  9. You are to Print the Guarantor’s form and get it certified
  10. After the previous step has been finalized, make Submission of the completed application form with additional required documents in person at the passport office of your choice
  11. After you have gone through all the procedures above, you would be required to appear physically at the immigration office take photographs and also for biometrics records.

How to apply for a Nigerian Passport Offline (Manual Method)

If you would rather apply through a representative in Nigeria than online, please be aware that this process can take a lot longer. Be wary of the agents you work with to avoid getting involved in fraud and lost documents. Even with an agent involved, you still have to appear in person at the immigration office with the required documents.

A new passport application at the Nigerian immigration office takes approximately 72 hours to process after the biometric data has been acquired. In some cases, processing a new passport has been known to take up to a month, make sure you apply well in advance.


People living abroad can apply for an international passport at the nearest consulate or by applying online. Application for the Nigerian international passport can be completed online from anywhere in the globe. The guideline and requirements for the Nigeria international passport application have been well explained in this blog post.

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