How To Apply for Scholarship in Ghana and Abroad using the new online Application Process

As part of measures to ensure transparency in the management of scholarships in the country, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, earlier this year, launched a new digital platform for the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat to receive scholarship applications online.

The purpose of the online application process, which took effect from 1st April, is the following:

  • to ensure full transparency in the application process
  • to ensure easy auditing and
  • to give applicants the opportunity to track their applications online.

Speaking at the launch of the online platform ( at the Jubilee House, Vice President Bawumia said the new system would help capture accurate data of scholarship beneficiaries and track their academic progress.

He said the platform would ensure easy linkages between the scholarship secretariat and the universities as well as the various embassies for easy validation.

The embassies can now vary from the online platform before giving visa to scholarship beneficiaries to study abroad, he added.

“In just four easy steps, applicants can conveniently apply for scholarships from the comfort of their homes and receive instant feedback on the status of their application.”

Here at, we walk you through the requirements for the platform and how you can also apply for the scholarship.

How to apply for a Scholarship using the online Application Process for Ghana

If you want to apply for a scholarship from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the web address
  2. Create an account on the portal to register and start the application
  3. Complete the application form on the portal with your relevant details
  4. Upload academic transcripts, admission letters, academic certificate and other necessary documentation in PDF
  5. Complete the online aptitude test and be scheduled for a selection interview in your selected district.

What you need to apply for a scholarship in Ghana on the site

Local Tertiary Scholarships

The Local Tertiary awards are in form payment of Thesis and Bursary grants to Postgraduate Students in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

The award also covers payment of Disability Grants to the Physically Challenged Ghanaian Students in Tertiary Institutions and Long Stay Allowance for Medical Science students in Public Tertiary Institutions in the country.

To apply for this scholarship, you need the following:

  1. Applicants should have the status below:
    1. Should have gained admission into a local tertiary institution
    2. Should have registered and enrolled to undertake the course
    3. The Institution should be accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB)
    4. Categories of Local Tertiary Institutions (Private and Public)
    5. Nurses/Teacher Training Colleges
      • Colleges of Agriculture
      • Polytechnics
      • Technical Universities
      • Universities
      • Certificate awarding tertiary institutions
  2. Continuing students should apply online between 1St April – 15Th May of each academic year.
  3. New students who had late admission should apply between 1st – 30th September of each academic year
  4. Applicants will undertake an online aptitude test during the application process.
  5. Appear before a panel for interviews in your selected district
  6. The information of the applicant will be forwarded to the institutions of the applicant for confirmation and validation.
  7. Electronic award letters will be issued to the successful applicants by the Scholarships Secretariat.
  8. Payment of scholarship entitlements to respective institutions

Foreign Tertiary Scholarships

Foreign tertiary awards cover scholarships at the tertiary level of education in a foreign country. This is based on a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of the awarding country.

Currently, the countries that fall under this category include:

  1. Russia
  2. Hungary
  3. Algeria
  4. China
  5. Morocco
  6. German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD)

In addition to the above, the Commonwealth Secretariat also award scholarships to Ghanaian at the postgraduate level based on a multilateral arrangement between Ghana and Commonwealth member countries.

There are other countries awarding scholarships to Ghanaians without a counterpart funding from the Government of Ghana.

These countries are:

  1. Australia Government Awards
  2. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships
  3. Turkish Government Awards
  4. Mauritius Government Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, you need to have the following:

  1. Information for existing beneficiaries: Existing foreign scholarship beneficiaries will be given a portal to enable them to renew their awards annually online.
  2. Bilateral Applications: Prospective applicants for bilateral scholarship awards will be required to complete the online application upon confirmation of their awards by the awarding country.
  3. Non-Bilateral Scholarship Awards: All applications for non-bilateral awards will be received online when advertised.

Contact the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

If you need to ask any questions or make enquiries, you can contact the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat directly using the following medium:

Office Location
North Ridge, GES Council Building, located behind the Accra High School.
GA 028-2065

+233302962928, +233302962929, +233302962930, +233302962931

[email protected]

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