Apps That You Can Connect to Your Car to Make Driving More Enjoyable

Today’s automobile, unlike the olden days, is very impressive due to the introduction of high-tech including cameras and detectors. But, despite the introduction of all these features to make driving an automobile an interesting experience, there are still some shortfalls.

Driving is seen by many people as a really enjoyable activity, but that is not always the case. Driving could become very stressful, boring and unenjoyable. You could get lost or even get stuck in traffic.

As a result of these unenjoyable circumstances, we have researched on some of the best apps that you can connect to your car and make your driving experience more enjoyable.

More importantly, most of the route planner software like the Route 4 Me app are user-friendly and do not require any in-depth tech understanding to use.

Apps That You Can Connect To Your Car to Make Driving More Enjoyable

Before we begin, please be aware that the apps provided here are not just most downloaded apps. But, they have been tried and tested.

Google Maps

Google maps is the number one navigation app in the world. It was developed by the world-leading search engine company, Google to help with navigation.

The main purpose this app seems to achieve is to make your travelling a very simple and easy one no matter where you are going. Suppose you’re not familiar with the place you are going, you can just input the name of the place you are going and you will be given an estimate of the time it will take you to get there.

Therefore, it can help you to plan your time before you even set off on your journey. In addition, there’s also a GPS which will lead you right from your starting point straight to your destination.

This app also allows you to share your location with your friends and relatives or locate your friends and relatives when they share their location with you.

You can search for places, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. You can find the app for free on both the Google play store and the Apple App Store.

Finally, Google Maps releases the stress of asking for directions from strangers on the street thereby making your driving a fun-filled one.


Driving could be more fun if we were able to conquer the daily hectic traffic in town. That is why Waze was introduced to solve such problems.

Waze is a directional app that has been able to gain popularity in the tech world and is now competing with top apps like Google Maps. Waze helps drivers navigate through traffic anywhere in the world by providing real-time traffic situations. The app also goes further to provide alternative routes to help you get to your destination in time.

The information that you see on the app is provided by users on that particular road or area, therefore they are accurate and precise. Some of the information the app provides you include:

  • Travel time: this shows the time you will spend from where you began your journey to your destination based on the traffic nature and other factors.
  • Fuel prices: the users of the app who have bought fuel recently also share the prices they bought it on the app for other users to see. This could help you locate the cheapest fuel stations near you.
  • Traffic disruptions: where the traffic is being disrupted by say, accident or police, you will also be provided with that information. So if there are policemen on the road, you will know where they are exactly for you to make all your available documents ready.
  • Construction alert: if there’s a construction going on, you will be alerted.

In addition to all these amazing features, you can also share your route with your friends who are also using the app.


Most vehicles have a radio installed in them, but most often it is hard to get your desired radio station. Either you have a radio in your car or not, the best app to use is TuneIn.

The TuneIn app provides you with free internet radio, music, talk shows or radio podcasts. There are over 500,000 available radio stations from all over the world for you to choose from.

If you get bored of listening to one radio station, you can always change to a different station to get you happy throughout your drive.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users for free.


Music is one of the perfect ways to release stress and to forget about your problems, especially when driving. The perfect and cheapest (I mean free) music app to use when driving is Audiomack.

Audiomack is a music streaming application that allows to stream music of all genre and year. You can also save music offline.

There are numerous albums available for you to pick from and to make it easier for you to focus on the car when driving, you can create a playlist with the songs you love most when driving and allow it to play.

It’s available on Google play store and the Apple app store.


It’s now time to uninstall all the space-occupying apps which serve no purpose and install these four apps ASAP. Getting used to these apps will take some time, you might initially dislike it but you will later find it useful.

Driving can get more enjoyable when you feel no stress or you don’t think about any problem and I hope these apps will make a positive impact on your life.

Please NOTE: When you feel tired, do not drive and also do not drink and drive. We need you alive so stay safe!

These are not the only apps that can make your driving more enjoyable, there are a host of others. If you personally have an app you think car help, feel free to comment below.

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