11 Apps every Ghanaian must have | 2019 Guide

Do you want to have an awesome year in spite of the uncertainties in trends?

I will share with you some apps you can easily get from the play store or iOS store, that will provide everyday solutions to your challenges as you hustle to make it big this year,

It is unfortunate to note that most people get their goals derailed before the first quarter of the New Year lapses. However, with these apps on your jealously-kept companion… your personal assistant… your smart device, I trust you will be influenced to exercise some more discipline and have the best year of your life.

Let’s get this out of the way.

I am not going to sneeze out on you those ‘most downloaded’, under-utilized apps that certain social media. I pretty sure that you are getting sick and tired of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and all their clones that keep your smart device buzzing and tingling, all-day, all-night.

To the apps, to get you busking in a more productive year…and here we have a number:

Waze App

You are going to have an awesome year is you conquer the daily dreaded vehicular traffic we face here in Ghana. The Waze App provides you with real-time turn-by-turn navigation information about your routes, gives alert about car accidents and road blockage, and gives alternative routes to get to your destination in time.

You can cut down on commuting time spent in go-slows, avoid painful traffics, reduce stress and increase productivity. It is free.


Alright, so you grin whenever your phone alerts you, “Memory Full. Delete Items.” You have so much information you just can’t let go – pics, videos, documents and gifs…haha! Well, this app gives you the option to store as many items as you want safety in the clouds.

You can access your data from anywhere, anytime. Never feel like you have to cut your arm again, just upload all your documents to Dropbox, and voila!

Google Keep

If you didn’t know, ideas are wealth in crude form. It is estimated that your mind processes over 16,000 thoughts per day. Imagine the wealth you have lost because you lost some thoughts.

Google Keeps allows you to quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Keep custom-made notes and voice memos of incredulous ideas in a fun way, and one of them could make you a billion dollars!
Best wishes there, but remember me.


If you constantly wonder where all your wallet cash sipped into, then this app is definitely for you. MoneyWise is your budget checker on the go. It should be the first app you make space for on your device. Very important.

See how money comes into your hands and discover which outlets are bigger or sizeable. You will develop a prudent spending habit and reduce your debts.

It is free. The Pro version is however for a fee.

Focus Booster

You need to get a lot of things done on your smart device; however, you get distractions by Eden-Apple crafted notifications every other 20 seconds.

This app applies a technique to keep you disciplined to stay to a task for an allotted time, followed by a break, then to another task, followed by another break…in that shuttle.

The technique is used by some of the highly effective people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Focus Booster will definitely make you highly effective.


You definitely have an advantage when you understand another language. This app provides a fun way to learn a new language, at your own pace.

Get it for free and start your adventure!


I will get some critique for this. I don’t have a favourite though. Nonetheless, it is important you have an e-commerce app on your device this year. They come with a lot of convenience and perks…Black Friday…Cyber Monday…Christmas Discounts…Valentine Give-Aways.

7 Minute Workout

You made resolutions to keep fit and build some muscles. You started grand, and in the third week, you crashed. Your body still looks the same, but you are hoping that next year comes early so you can start ‘afresh’ again. I ‘beseech’ you to skip the gym and give 1/144th of your days’ time to this app. At mid-year, send me a picture of your ‘then’ and ‘now’.


This is a free home security system. From your mobile smart device, you can detect motion inside your room, in your car or from anywhere you have positioned your computer’s webcam. You can live a little freely knowing that the back you left is covered with a ‘Russian-Style’ sensory device. You can alert the police before all your properties are burgled.
This is free for iOS only.

Personality Development App

In turning a new leaf, you need to change some behaviours. Your external skin can give you the perfect app to help you with this app. Get those motivational quotes to invoke the sleeping will-power in your grey matter. Tips you can munch on all day and training courses are made available on the Personal Development App.
Get this powerful app for free.


Here we go again, I don’t fancy unwarranted battering with words from any discontented loyalist of either brand. However, I want to stress that it is important to have these as they come in handy. You might break down your motor or might need a swift intervention to get to an urgent rendezvous. These might be life or near-life savers.
Get these apps for free on your stores. You will, however, pay for the services they render.

So, there you have it, my list of 11 apps that will cover the important areas of your life in this year: from mental, to physical, to financial and to social. Note however that this list is not exhaustive; these are apps I have used and want to share with you.

I guess it’s time to get rid of some white elephant apps and replace them with these 14 apps of effective living. Comment with apps I left out which have transformed your life.

Stay positive!

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