Apps On Your Partners’ Phone Which Shows That They Are Tracking You

It is often said that love and relationships are built on trust. Without trust, no relationship is worth being called a relationship.

As difficult as it is to trust someone especially when there are pointers to the fact that they are not trustworthy, we all try to risk it in our relationships.

Now, humans as we are, there are times that we may begin to doubt our significant other and then our scariest fears and thoughts begin to become very real and glaring.

In times like this, most people tend to find ways to solidify their suspicions. Some go as far as setting traps for their partners to fall into.

For those who are technically inclined, they rather prefer to use tracking apps which track the movements of their lovers without their notice.

In this article, I shall introduce you to 5 of such apps which when seen on your partner’s mobile phone points to the fact that they are either tracking you or someone else.


Known as a Spouse tracking app, Spy IC works for both iPhones and Android phones anywhere in the world.

With this app, your partner can monitor your phone calls, your messages, your WhatsApp chats, Facebook chats, Instagram directs and twitter chats as well as your live location.

Interestingly, this app works on your phone without you even realising it.
For android users, your spouse needs to manually install the app on your phone before it works. However, once the app is installed, it automatically changes its icon into something similar to other apps on your phone.

Meaning it disguises itself, therefore, making it difficult for you to realize that such an app has been installed on your phone.

For iPhone users, theirs is even more delicate. Their partner only needs their iCloud credentials to have access to all their data.

Meaning, once your partner keys in your iCloud email address and password, he has access to your phone and everything that you use it for.

So, yes, when you see SpyIC on your partner’s phone or computer, know that they are probably tracking you or somebody else including your rival maybe.

Also, some people prefer to use their web browsers to access their admin panel so you may as well check their browsers to see if they visit the SpyIC website.

If they do, then you already have your answers.


Talk of world-class tracking apps that are capable of concealing their identity on the users’ phone and Flexispy has to be on the list at all costs.

Flexispy is capable of tracking not just a partner’s movements in real-time. It also tracks the phone calls, social media applications and SMS chats of your partner as well.

This app is able to monitor as many devices as possible at a time which means no matter the number of phones you are using, your partner can actually track all of them using this app.

All they need to do is to install the application on your mobile phone, after which the application conceals itself in your device to prevent you from noticing.

Interestingly, installation can be done remotely. Meaning, someone can install this application on your phone without necessarily having your phone in their palms at the time of installation.

Fone Monitor App

If you are fond of exchanging delicate images and videos with people on your social chatting apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, then Fone Monitor App is your bane.

This application is capable of tracking all images, videos, sounds and documents available on the phone even if they’ve been deleted after sending or receiving.

It also tracks phone calls, text messages, social media chats and real-live location.

It works on both android devices and IOS devices perfectly. So, seeing this app on your partner’s mobile phone or computer should raise some suspicions.

They are definitely not just keeping it because they have too much space on their device.

Cocospy Tracking App

The last app on our list here which is definitely not the least of them all is COcospy Tracking App.

The Cocospy app provides several features which make it one of the most-used apps for tracking a spouse.

Like the other apps listed above, Cocospy works in stealth. Meaning, it works in the background without actually announcing its existence for the phone user to realize and delete it.

It is also operated from a web browser, meaning the partner who is spying on the other can actually use their web browser to monitor everything going on via the other person’s phone.

You can check the phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages and other activities of the other person right from your web browser.

Cocospy is not a gaming application nor is it a social media application so when you see it on your spouse’s mobile device or computer, know that you are likely to be the reason for the acquisition of that app.


Trust is one big thing we all try to work around by giving it out to others while expecting that they keep it intact without breaching it.

However, in our various relationships, once upon a time, we are made to doubt our partners for things they’ve done or things they’ve said.

Though this may not be enough reason, some people go to the extent of installing spy and tracking apps on their partners’ phones to track their activities in order to confirm their faithfulness.

The apps listed in this article are some of the most-used apps which spouses use to track the activities of their lovers or partners.

This is not a conclusive list as there are thousands of applications available to be used for such purpose.

However, we believe that this article is helpful enough for you. If you know of any other apps which should be included in this article, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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