Apps That Have Nice Filters To Make Your Photos Look Beautiful

Thanks to the inventors of smartphones, we don’t need digital cameras to take beautiful and professional photos for our Dps and social media accounts anymore.

Today’s smartphones, from the latest iPhones to the latest Android devices all have wonderful primary and secondary cameras which make photography easier and even more common than it was previously.

In spite of this, we still need that extra touch of elegance and creativity to make photos taken by smartphones look more beautiful and professional.

To attain this, people mostly fall on filters on their phones to work out some great creativity in their photos.

In this article, I shall introduce you to 5 mobile apps that have nice filters to make your photos more beautiful.


Talking about apps with filters for editing and making your photo very beautiful, Snapseed should definitely be on your list.

Snapseed comes with a wide range of filters which make your photo more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

It has a total of 29 tools and filters which include HDR, healing, brush, glamour glow, grunge and many other filters for correcting blemishes and changing colour grades of photos.

Also, you can save your best look with this application and apply it to any new photos you take.

It is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Pomelo is one of the most useful photo editing apps on the mobile platform with over 40 free filters which are available on both the android system and the Ios system.

Aside from the basic editing tools such as Brightness, contrasts, sharpness, structure, saturation, tint, highlight, shadow, and vignette, there are other complex filters which make your photos brighter, nicer and more professional.

The app comes with a free version which gives you access to over 40 filters and tools while the premium version gives you even more filters and tools.

The premium version comes in three packages, a weekly package 1.15 USD/Week, a monthly package at 3.49USD / Month, a yearly package at 12.82 USD/year and a one-time premium payment of 35.99USD.

This application is also available on both Apple AppStore and Google Playstore.


VCSO is a professional application for designing and editing photos of all kind for professional and casual use.

With VCSO, you can become Picasso in the space of your living room with your smartphone as your beautiful brush painting wonderful strokes of art.

VCSO comes with professional photo and video editing tools and filters which can covert a raw classless photo or video to a professionally taken and edited photo.

This application is mostly used by professional photographers since it eases the pressure of taking the best shots during photoshoots, with an assurance of beautiful filters available on the app.

VCSO comes with a 7-days free trial period which can be upgraded to the premium account which is charged annually.


So we have literally had enough of the premium apps on this list. It is time to introduce some free apps here.

The first free app on this list is Filterloop which boasts of a wide range of filters which can be used together. Meaning, you can use one filter and still use another filter on top of the previously used filter.

It comes with several retro and analog filters and effects which you can apply to your photos to change their appearance completely.

One beautiful thing about Filterloop is that everything can be done on one screen so therefore making it easier for it to be used.

To keep the app running and updates coming, it comes with some ads which sparingly appear on the screen as with other smartphone applications.


Definitely not the least app on this list is Filterra photo editing application.

Filterra comes with a wonderful catalogue of filters which makes it possible to download tons of filters from the in-app store to spice up the looks of your photos.

You can also set up a collection of your favourite filters in the ‘My collection’ tab on your Filterra app, thereby making it easier for you to use them in future.

You can also use multiple filters on the same photo, with one filter being placed on the other.

What’s more, this particular app comes at no cost but comes with apps which periodically show up during usage.


Photos are beautiful ways of capturing the best moments of our life for memory sake.

With time, the mode of photography has changed totally from the traditional analogue cameras to digital cameras and then to the smartphones.

Today, smartphone photography is a big trend such that even professional photographers use smartphones to take some of their photos these days.

As such, the need to beautify photos and make them more beautiful and presentable has become very important.

In this article, I spoke about 5 photo apps which contain some great filters which can be used to make your photos more beautiful and presentable.

I hope this article was helpful to you and that from now, you’d be able to put out more beautiful images on various platforms.

If you have any questions, comments or reservations regarding this article, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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