Apps To Know All The Holidays In Ghana This Year

We all love holidays, I remember back in school days, we could be sitting with our friends and all that we will be talking about is to check the holidays ahead of us.

If you have been in SHS boarding school, you will know what I am talking about, the stress of having to stay inside the school for a whole term is very boring, every senior high school student who is a border knows of the holidays coming ahead.

In Ghana here, some holidays are are fixed, holidays like Christmas are always on the 25TH December, also new year holidays, republic holidays are always fixed.

But some holidays changes every year, one example is mothers day, mothers day which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

Many holidays do not have a fixed date and each year it has a different day than it is celebrated. One of them is also the Easter holidays.

Maybe you might want to know the coming holidays this year, or you are an artist, a designer or your works involves making new products or money on holidays.

One example is musicians make more money on holidays, that is when shows are organised.

Graphic designers also make money on holidays, that is when they will be printing programs banners and also making of customized clothes.

I remember recently there was a father’s day celebration coming up and a friend was making customized mugs, t-shirts and framing of peoples fathers and selling it to them.

I this article I am going to take you through apps that you can use to know all the holidays and coming holidays in Ghana

Ghana Holidays: Accra Calender

This is one of my favourite app, Ghana Holidays app is an up to check upcoming holidays, it works offline and it gives you local holidays on all the fields, be it national holidays, united nations holidays, sports events and many more.

Ghana Calendar

Is one of the amazing app to check up holidays, this app will show you a calendar and then highlight all the holidays in the month for you.

You can tick on any of the dates and make a note or set a reminder. You can also customize the calendar with your image to make it more appealing.


There might be some days that are supposed to be holidays but you might never know, maybe at that day you might plan on doing something and when it is finally that day, you get to know it is a national holiday.

To avoid such mistake, it is better to know all the holidays in the year, that is why in this article, we decided to go through an app that you can use to know all the holidays in the year.

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