Are specs king? Does brand matter when buying a gadget?

When it comes to gadgetry and devices, it’s obvious some brands are higher than others.

So, of course, yes, a customer checks the specs and brand of the gadget they want to buy. iPhones get sold out when a new product is released because they’ve built a solid brand.

The device’s performance matters the most to buyers, so the price doesn’t matter when it comes to some brands when buying gadgets. You know they’ll perform well, so you buy them anyway. 

When you want to buy a phone for long, brand matters a lot

Some phones have made a name for their durability.

I’m not sure any customer would love to buy a phone that doesn’t last long. Phones like Tecno and iPhone are best known for their durability properties.

So when a customer enters a shop with a budgeted amount to buy a phone, he’s already planned on the specs and brand he’s coming in for. 

The memory size of a phone

When it comes to large memory sizes in phones, not all phones have that kind of spec.

We’re in a time where most people keep all their data on their phones, so they require a lot of memory space on their phones to store data. When it comes to such features, the iPhone and Samsung brands are best known to possess such specs.

An iPhone can have up to 512GB memory size. That’s half a terabyte in a phone. You can store every data you want, and beyond I’m such a phone and wouldn’t be worried about your memory space getting full. 

Sometimes brand doesn’t matter, but if you’re going in for specific features of a gadget, you should choose a recognized brand that’s made a name for good performances.

For example, going to buy an air conditioner. Some brands are known to be very durable, less power consuming and perform well. Talk about durability, and the first brand that comes to mind is LG air conditioners. They’ve been recognized and identified to be the best since 1968. 


When it comes to televisions, specs matter the most. This is because some televisions brands do not have the same features as the others. There are intelligent televisions these days and other regular televisions, I will say. 

Samsung and LG are two of the most popular TV brands in the world.

Samsung TVs are typically well-designed, with a slew of high-end features and excellent build quality, which cost a bit more because of the quality they come with. Many television users will go for Samsung first because of its popularity and second because of its quality.

Some users also want to buy a TV they can watch YouTube videos on, browse the web, access Netflix, Disney plus and Amazon prime videos and play fun TV games, so they go in for smart TVs. Not many television brands have smart TVs, so they can’t meet the specs of such customers. 


This is the “random access memory” found in mobile phones, tablets, iPods, PCs and laptops. This device determines how fast your devices are going to be.

The larger the size of your RAM, the faster your devices are going to be. If you’re buying a device and you’re into computer performance, then the size and type of RAM in the device you’re purchasing. As a computer expert who wants to assemble a PC, you can look into different types of RAM.

As you check, RAM modules get faster at transferring data, more stable, and more expensive.

The files and applications on the device you use tend to be very slow in the actions you want to perform with them if your RAM size is small and needs to be updated. That’s why the specs and type of RAM matter when buying a device. 


Brands in every gadget worldwide matter relating to customers. It’s because of customers these companies build a solid brand in the first place.

This is also because most customers go in for specs and popularity in a product they’re purchasing. This is also because most of these brands give you every reason to trust their work.

Consider an iPhone; for instance, users go in for iPhones no matter the price because they never give problems in their performance.

Their RAM, memory size and battery health always perform to the expectations. 

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