Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Space Engineers Gaming server

This article is created to provide insight into setting up your gaming server for Steam’s Space Engineers. We will look upon the step-by-step guides on what to do and which gaming server is best suited to host Space Engineers.

Before we start our in-depth guide on setting up your gaming server, we will focus shortly on the game’s background and discuss what a gaming server does. We have gathered all the information you need to understand better how to set up a Space Engineers server hosting so you can do it on your own. So stick around and continue reading to find out.

What is Space Engineers?

Space Engineers is an open-world sandbox game created with the sole purpose of creation, exploration, and survival while scouring the many universe and planets in this open-world space game.

What is a Gaming Server?

As the name implies, a gaming server is a server used to host multiple types of games. For example, have you ever played an MMO game (Massive Multiplayer Online)?. If yes, then there you have it. You have just connected to a gaming server.

How to set up a dedicated gaming server for Space Engineers?

Download Torch 

For this guide, we will be using the torch server. You can get it through keen software or Torch’s community base server.

Extract the zip file

After downloading the zip file next, you need to extract it and run the setup.

Launch the Torch Server

After running the setup, launch the torch server, and keen software will automatically update your server patches.

Create a World 

In the torch’s configuration, click on the new world button and choose your game mode.

Setup the basic settings

After creating a new world, you need to set up some basic settings required to run the game. Generally, here you can adjust all of the things you want your new world to have.

Configure your router’s Firewall

Before starting up your game, you must configure your router’s firewall to enable the data from the external servers to reach your server.

Port forwarding

Now what you needed to do is connect to your router. Then in your router settings, find the security setting. Here you will see the port forwarding option. Inside, you have to open specific ports which will enable data access to your game and steam. Open this port for Space Engineers: 27061 (UDP) and for Steam: 8766 (TCP & UDP). Then click create a new rule, Next set the local IP of your computer and the given ports.

Open the game client.

After setting up port forwarding, next is to open the game and select join game. Here you will see your public server where you can join.

Enjoy your own Space Engineers Gaming Server. 

Now you can host and play your very own space engineers server!


Space Engineers is a fantastic game that enables your creativity and instincts to bloom to survive the vast wilderness of space. Now that we have discussed the Space Engineers server hosting and how you can host your server, be guided that hosting a server can be pretty demanding. It requires a pretty powerful computer specification to perform multiple tasks and a fast and reliable internet connection for a smooth ping. But, all in all, this can be an enjoyable experience for you and your friends.

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