Best 5 Antivirus You Can Use On Your PC In 2020

One of the most disappointing and infuriating things that any computer user has to deal with is a virus attack.

Computer viruses tend to make computers very slow and inactive which makes work very difficult and annoying sometimes.

It is therefore important for users to ensure that their computers are guarded against the claws of this creepy software called Viruses.

While antiviruses are good for saving your computer and yourself from the troubles associated with virus attacks, getting the right antivirus software usually does the trick best.

In this article, we shall look at the best five antivirus software you can use on your PC in 2020.

Follow the list keenly.

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus
  2. McAfee Internet Security
  3. Norton Security 360 Delux
  4. Kaspersky total security
  5. Avast Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is a long-standing antivirus brand that has established its presence in the niche over the years.

The current edition of Bitdefender antivirus comes with a password manager which manages all your online account passwords.

It has a very basic user interface which makes it easy to use for anyone including those who are just entering the world of computing.

It also scans files very fast without causing the computer to lag.

Bitdefender can be used on both Windows and Apple devices.

Out of 10, our rating is 9.0.

It, however, comes at a cost of 24.99 USD per year though you can get the cracked version for free online.

McAfee Internet Security

If you are an internet addict, then chances are that you have heard of McAfee and possibly seen it on many websites across the web.

McAfee seems to be improving all the time with new features and even better virus definitions from time to time.

McAfee provides one of the best password managers available online and also with an easy-to-use interface.

McAfee, however, does not provide webcam protection or a secure browser.

Also, Bitdefender has better malware protection than McAfee.

With about 84.99 USD, you can get the full McAfee antivirus pack which protects up to 10 of your devices. And it works across multiple platforms; android, windows, IOS.

Out of 10, the rating for this antivirus is 8.5.

Norton Security 360 Deluxe

Norton Security is an embodiment of almost everything someone would want in antivirus software.

It comes with an endless list of VPN, in-built backup software, online storage, webcam protection, safe web browser and password manager.

However, all these features mentioned above come with a very heavy pressure on the CPU, therefore, causing the machine to slow down.

For this reason, this antivirus is rated 8.0.

It costs 49.99 USD per year.

Kapersky Total Security

Kaspersky is fourth on our list of top antivirus software you can use on your PC in 2020.

Kaspersky comes with an almost perfect malware protection ability which is almost better than all the other software listed above.

It also comes with in-built backup software and an unlimited password manager.

It also has a Two-Factors Authentication (2FA) option for online accounts.

Its downsides include a very slow machine when you are running a full system scan as well as a limited VPN usage.

For the sake of this list, we rated this software 7.0 out of 10.

Avast Free Antivirus

Of all the antivirus software listed above, this is the least. It offers less malware protection compared to the other antivirus software listed above.

It comes with a Wifi-scanner, a more complex user interface, and a password manager.

It slows than the computer annoyingly during scans.

However, for free antivirus software, Avast offers the best protection you can expect from simple virus attacks as well as online threats.

It comes with warning sounds that detect malware presence.

Out of 10, this came out with a rating of 6.0.


Antivirus software is numerous with new ones coming out every day. For as much as it is necessary for you to get antivirus software for your computer, it is often better to leave your computer unprotected than installing an antivirus which does not function well or cannot be trusted.

The list provided above contains some antivirus programs that have been tried and tested to be among the top-ranking antivirus in the world. While the list of good antivirus is not exhaustive, we sort to give you only the top 5. If you know of any other good antivirus that can be used on PC, kindly indicate them in the comment box.

You may also share your comments and questions with us.

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