Best apps for Women to monitor Menstrual and Reproductive health

The female body system has been programmed to release blood periodically every month, which is called the “menstrual cycle,” and usually stops when she gets pregnant.

However, due to the food we eat sometimes and some drugs we take, the period might delay and have the blood flow earlier than expected.

Drugs like contraceptives are taken to prevent pregnancies, but these drugs contradict the normal monthly flow of the blood. So softwares have been developed to help women study the course of their monthly flow. Periods usually arrive once each month, but the exact date, flow, cramp severity, and accompanying symptoms are not quite that consistent, and this is why these apps have been developed to help.

While each of these apps has its algorithm, they all work based on the accurate input from the user to generate a said time of ovulation. Period tracking apps can be wrong sometimes and won’t be due to app glitches, but If you’re a woman who has an irregular cycle and doesn’t update the app from to time.

The period-tracking app can help you calculate the average length of your cycle, which it’ll then use to help you predict your next period. They can also help you chronicle any symptoms during your cycle. For the grace of technology, there are dozens of period apps to choose from to help you track your periodic flow with ease for the grace of technology. 


This app is best used for individuals who are new to womanhood.

That is new to getting their monthly period. MagicGirl Period Tracker was designed with teens in mind, so it makes learning the digital ins and outs of your cycle pretty easy. It also helps you learn about hygiene product options.

It has a special feature that helps you connect with other girls and share knowledge about the monthly flow with them.


MyFlo is mainly for women with irregularity in their flow and other health issues related to cycle symptoms like migraines, excessive bloating, constipation

This app does just more than track your period. It also checks your health conditions using the symptoms you record and draws useful information about your health.

It suggests lifestyle changes like the food you should eat and activities you should engage in during the days of your cycle. This is because, during these days, women feel sick and moody.


Some women love to discreet in matters concerning their menstrual cycle. Well, this app is the best for such women. Some partners love to be involved in how their girlfriends or wife’s period flows.

So this stands out from the crowd for the fact that it gets your partner in on the tracking action: You can invite him to sync up with the app on his device, so he knows what’s up with your monthly mood swings and weird cravings, too. Boyfriends and husbands tend to get puzzled and don’t know what to do during these times.


This app is a tried-and-true period app endorsed by experts like Sheeva Talebian, MD, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at CCRM in New York and a Women’s Health advisory board member, who considers this to be one of the best period tracking apps due to the vivid and simple nature and data points.

It allows you to track 40 different health signals, including sexual activity, all through its easy daily log.

Cycle tracking

This is an app developed by the Apple community to track your cycle from your wrist. Cycle Tracking gives you the ability to log info related to your cycle, including flow level, symptoms like cramps and mood changes and basal body temp if you’re looking to get pregnant.

It’s available in the Apple Health app on your phone. You can choose in the settings whether to receive notifications or not. 


With this app, you learn a lot about your body.

It tracks everything related to your reproductive health that goes in your body, including over 30 optional tracking categories (including BBT, cervical fluid, even what’s up with your hair) help you keep tabs on your upcoming period, your birth control method and period symptoms.


You find yourself sitting in an office with colleagues having a meeting when your period begins to flow. You’re so drenched in blood and confused, not expecting your monthly flow today. Yes, there are irregularities in the monthly flow due to eating habits or contraceptives. That’s why the tracking apps are available to help track when you are expecting your monthly flow to avoid surprises. 

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