Best Bluetooth speakers brands to buy while in Kenya

Everyone has a very different taste in music, and thus why choosing the best Bluetooth speakers may be the key to finding the best sound soothing sound you need. After all, if you want to enjoy chill evenings during your vacations in Kenya, night by the fire goes hand in hand with nomadic Bluetooth associations.

We’ve chosen Bluetooth speakers from the top brands in various pricing ranges and for various applications, including house usage and outdoor use. Read the article to be in the Know!


Sonos is one of the popular brands known for coming up with high-quality gadgets. Over the years, the brand has convinced the public with its portable speakers’ thanks to a good mix. They have a taste of powerful speakers to light up the entire house or even the environment that you are in. Sonos simplicity is always in order with the bonus of Auto Trueplay for the first time. All these possibilities imply a high selling price. It is necessary to consider its dual use and not see it simply as a nomadic speaker.

Bose Portable

The Bose brand is coming up with exceptional gadgets that connect to the home wireless network through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that works on an extended radius. As of the writing of this article, the brand is currently aiming its goods to contemporary music fans, and this one would hardly reduce the very “bass” part of the sound created. On the other, using all the gadgets that they have to offer, trust us that you won’t regret the integrated battery’s excellent autonomy and the AirPlay compatibility that comes with an Apple device.

Ultimate Ears

Every year Ultimate Ears beautifully renews its best tiny speakers. As a result, their speakers, such as the Wonderboom 2, are more resistant, durable, and powerful. Everything is becoming smaller and smaller. The sound quality of the little speaker continues to impress, with a strong emphasis on bass. Despite all, it is not without flaws. There is no analogue input or even multipoint Bluetooth in the connection. Returning to a prior title without using the smartphone is always difficult. The Outdoor Boost setting offers no practical advantage and even worsens the sound quality.

 Marshall Emberton

Marshall’s new Emberton, although not perfect, checks all the boxes practically for a solid waterproof speaker. For one, immaculate construction, superb grip, well-researched ergonomics, multipoint, and a sound energetic and round enough to avoid the sensation of anything is lacking. Not the best speaker on the market, but a small solid package.

Anker Soundcore

The Anker Souncore speakers have amazing assets to seduce in almost every segment. Their works are elegant, efficient, and long-lasting. More importantly, their designs that shout and quality will entice you. The 360 ° sound created by the two 6W speakers provides lovely musical moments, as long as we don’t attempt to push it too far.

What factors should you think about while selecting a portable speaker?

The primary benefit of portable speakers is their small size. Exiting the cables in all directions, we use tiny gadgets that are extremely easy to travel. The smallest of them may even fit in a pocket due to their small size. The proportions and sound quality grow as the range rises. After that, a backpack or a matching bag must be provided.

What attributes should portable speakers have?

If entry-level speakers focus on the necessities, mid-range ones tend to include more features. We’re talking about actual portable speakers at the top end. For example, Bluetooth speakers with Wi-Fi chips are becoming increasingly common. The latter is more adaptable for certain manufacturers and can even function as a multi-room speaker. Wi-Fi is often paired with a voice assistant, allowing you to operate your speaker with your voice as long as you’re within range of your local network.

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