Best Features Of Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft teams is a central hub for communication and productivity although you’ve heard it many times you may not know what that means and how you can use this incredible application to help you achieve more in your workday.

Here is a look at some of the Microsoft teams’ features that will help you communicate, co-author or collaborate and work more effectively daily.

Microsoft Teams Features

Forwarding Emails Conversation And Private Chats

Microsoft Teams features

The forwarding of emails conversation is a Microsoft Teams features that help to communicate easily with your worker or teams, especially when work document or Conversation are sent via email.

In the past, outlook and teams have been integrated. So you can create or forward emails in the team’s environment for your entire team to view in teams.

  • Navigate to the Preferred Team’s channel to post the email.
  • Choose the ” ellipsis (•••) ” and pick ” Get email address “. Now you can paste that address into the email and it will populate it to the channel.

Note: You can have an open discussion with your team all about that email.

Bookmark Files From Conversation

Having conversations or chats means messages are saving in succession and you might be worried that you won’t be able to find important items within chat history.

The Microsoft Teams feature, the ability to flag or save important items from posts, conversations, or chats. When you have an item you would like to bookmark or Save:

  • Hover over that item.
  • Select the “Flag“.

To review the flagged item.

  • Go to your “Profile icon“.
  • Choose “Saved” to bring up a listing of all of your saved items.

Finding Group Chats

When having group chats, you can create a title for your important chat to make it easier to find in the future and to help it stand out. Simply

  • Click the “Pencil” beside the chat names.
  • Create a new title.

The chat is now searchable within teams and you can Pin a chat to the top of your chat list for easy access as well.


It helps your team remain current and up-to-date by allowing you access to updated content from the services you use frequently like News, Twitter, and Facebook. The connector will stream your information right into one of your team channels and populate it in your conversation tab.


Microsoft teams can record the team’s meeting but not everyone knows that teams can transcribe that meeting when your recording is completed.

  • Open the recording in the stream. Go to the “edit option” and under video language update it to English.
  • Select “Auto-generate a caption file“.
  • Choose “apply“.

Next time you open the video you will see the transcript created from the dialogue of the meeting. if it does not automatically appear:

  • Select “Settings“.
  • Show “transcript“.

Currently, you can create transcripts in both English and Spanish.

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