Best Glo Data Plans in Ghana: Price, Bundle Code and Duration

Internet is one thing humans can’t live without, infact nowadays internet has become part of our daily lives.

We use the internet to work, connect with family and friends, and many more.

Not forgeting about the technology and the AI’s that is making human beings have a smooth live like Alexa, Google Assistant and many more mostly rely on the internet.

To use the internet too you need data and phone without data is like a humans without air, what happens to humans when they does not get air to breathe? They die. Same as phone without internet, they become limited.

Thats is why we need to talk about data plans and on this article I am going to take you through Glo internet packages.

Glo started operating in Ghana since 2008 and has been providing Ghanaians with best and cheapest data bundles.

The company got Ghanaians at heart and because of that has made their data plans very affordable to buy and also with a blazing internet speeds.

Before getting started the short code to  buy Glo data bundle is *555#

Glo Ghana Yakata Plus

This is one of my favourite internet package that I always purchase,with Glo Yakata you can purchase and get more data for cheap prices, below are the prices with its data

GHS 1400MB2 Days
GHS 2800MB4 Days
GHS 52GB10 Days
GHS 104GB20 Days
GHS 208GB40 Days
GHS 5020GB100 Days

One thing I also love about the Glo Yakata Plus is that, anytime you purchase this bundle, let’s say when you purchase the GHS 5 Bundle, you can send 500MB to another number, so if you have a friend who also uses Glo, then anytime you purchase the Yakata plan you can forward him or her the 500MB for that person to also use.

Aside that you also get Unlimited Glo-Glo calls.

How To Activate The Glo Yakata Plus

  • Dial *555#
  • Select 5: Yakata Plus
  • Now choose 1: Buy Yakata Plus
  • Now enter your preferred bundle according to your amount and the days you want your data to last.
  • Press 1 to confirm.

How To Gift Somebody Your Bonus Bundle From Yakata Plus?

To gift somebody your bundle, dial *127*Glo Number#.

Glo Ghana Weekly Bundles

GHS 5700MB7 Days*127*2#
GHS 3350MB7 Days*127*13#

Glo Ghana Daily Bundles

GHS 103.75GB3 Days*127*24#
GHS 3300MB3 Days*127*17#
GHS 3750MB1 Day*127*18#
GHS 2300MB1 Day*127*12#
GHS 1100MB1 Day*127*1#

Glo Ghana Jumbo Data Desktop Bundles

GHS 15075GB90 Days*127*7#
GHS 10040GB90 Days*127*19#
GHS 8030GB60 Days*127*33#

Glo Monthly Data Bundles

GHS 255.5GB30 Days*127*15#
GHS 204.2GB30 Days*127*22#
GHS 153GB30 Days*127*4#
GHS 101.7GB30 Days*127*14#


When it comes to the cheapest internet prices in Ghana here then Glo is the number one, as you can see from the tables shown they have the cheapest data bundles as compared to all the telcos we have here in Ghana.

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