Best language learning apps you can try right now

Gone are the days when you had to go to school to learn a different language. These days, just sitting at home, you can learn any language you want on your PCs or mobile phones.

In Ghana, students learn French as a compulsory subject in primary schools but are considered in senior high schools and tertiary institutions. What happens if you want to be a doctor but would like to speak French too. That’s why programmers have developed amazing language learning apps you can access on the google play store or App Store to use.

These apps are not limited to just French. You can learn languages like Spanish, Chinese and Russian simply on these apps. These apps come in all different styles to fit what you need to learn to your full capacity. Some users prefer to read and understand, while others too prefer audio in learning. Irrespective of the style you want, there’s an app to suit your style.

Most of these apps are free to download but subscription-based. You subscribe to an offer when you want to learn. In this article, I’m going to discuss the seven best language learning apps. Read through and find the ones that suit your style and learn. 


Duolingo is one of the best free language learning apps out there. It has 37 different language options going into the local languages too.

You can enroll to learn as many languages as you want at a time. In each language, there are lessons and inbuilt games that help you in practicing the language.

Duolingo is a free app, which is a lot considering its features, but to keep the app free, users are asked to pay $7 monthly to remove ads to make the learning simpler without any interruption from ads.


Mondly is not a free app. It’s an in-app purchase app that offers you a lifetime subscription at $40. This language learning app is used to focus on a specific language and learn it to your full capacity.

It’s best known for its main focus on accurate pronunciations. It focuses on phrases and how to pronounce them. It does aid you in conversations. You get to practice having real conversations with AI chatbots that use speech recognition to assess and coach your speech.

Pricing is $10 per month or a year for $48.


Are you preparing for a trip to a country where a different language is spoken or awaiting your partner from a different country you met online and want to impress her by learning how to converse in her language? Then “Speaking” is the right choice for you.

This app focuses on teaching you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words for common conversations in the language of your choice. After practicing enough words, the app challenges you to interact with a pre-recorded native speaker and coaches you on your performance.


This is an app that helps you learn languages through music. This is a new and exciting way of learning. You tend to get more understanding in great music, no matter what language it’s in.

On this app, you use popular music to learn vocabulary in your target language. It takes hit songs from popular musicians and drills you through exercises to learn grammar and culture in other languages.


It focuses on learning how to read different languages. It helps you learn how to read compressions and longer texts in other languages.

You can read a text in French and also have its meaning written in English for you. You can also have it in audio form as you learn the comprehension.


Babbel is the overall best language app available. There are many language learning apps out there, but Babbel has stood out to be the overall best language learning app.

It gives you 13 languages to choose from. It breaks lessons into short, easily understandable, with interactive, quiz-like elements that keep you on course.


With Busuu, the app establishes knowledge on the level you are on the specific language you’ve chosen to learn. You set a study goal as to what you want to do at the end of the course.

This free app comes with paid premium packages that can help you cover your study throughout your subscription. The Premium plan costs $6 per month for a year.


Language has no barrier whatsoever in the world. So you can learn as many languages as you want for whatever reasons, whether for business purposes, social purposes or just for fun.

This language learning can help you build a vocabulary and have a simple conversation in other languages. They come in different types. As I’ve spoken about in this chapter, choose the app that fits the way you want to learn and have a good time learning a new language. 

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