Best Location Tracker 2021: To Trace Someone’s Real Location

It’s 2021 and we face the dire need in knowing if our loved ones are safe and sound. Location tracking is one secure way of knowing where your loved ones are. Whether it be for your or your loved ones’ physical and emotional safety, location trackers guarantee to provide that.

There are multiple modes that allow you how to track someone’s location. But, not all the modes are reliable and secure. They can get you caught in the act in a jiffy. Hence, you will end up risking your relationship and the intent behind the tracking.

Is Safespy the best location tracker?

There will be an intense competition when you look for the best location tracker. Combating the competition quite efficiently is Safespy. It is a web-based tracking application. Safespy initiates tracking a mobile number remotely.

The best part about using Safespy is that its functions are extensive. It is much more than a location tracker. It has many things to offer. It offers a holistic understanding of what a person is doing. You can see someones messages, call lists, social media, emails and even libraries of apps.

The functions don’t stop there. You can even see someone’s notes, browser history and vital keylogs. With the superb keylogger feature, you can also see what they delete, draft or send from their phone.

Safespy: Best Location Tracker

What makes Safespy the best is to perform without having to jailbreak or root through the target phone. The app is quite seamless with its connectivity and linkage to both Stock Android and iPhone. In a jiffy, you can connect with both phone kinds.

The superb features of the app make it special and perfect. Out of the very many cool features that the app possesses, below are some of the most cool features:

Perfect User Interface

Spy apps devoid of an understandable interface can make you very apprehensive. Turns out, tracking someone’s location always makes people vulnerable and apprehensive. There can be alerts and pings that the user receives, intimating them of such tracking.

You will get the neatest, precise and user-friendly interface with Safespy. Even if you are someone with the most basic tech knowledge, you can operate Safespy immediately. So, be it first-timers or tech experts, Safespy provides the perfect functional domain.

Best Stealth App

Safespy has the most intricate stealth features. The stealth mode is incorporated into the very structure of this web-based app. Your anonymity, identity, and interests are protected as the user of Safespy. There are no software or download requirements.

Whoever you are tracking will never know of the fact that they are being tracked. With Safespy, there will be no-alerts generated to intimate the user. Tracking someone’s location with minimum details is the best part of Safespy.

No Jailbreaking

The most convenient part about Safespy is that you wouldn’t need the target mobile for Safespy. Being an essentially web-based application; it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure to root or jailbreak into someone’s phone.


There is no retention, seeking or storage of personal data of the user for Safespy. With immediate linkage in a remote manner, tracking the person’s location will be prompt. The anonymity makes the app extremely coveted.

How to use the best Location Tracker

As stated already, Safespy necessitates no software installation and leaves no trail. It leaves no room for any suspicion. Hence, it is the most risk free and safe methodology for tracking the location of a mobile number.

All you need to do is follow the below mentioned time efficient steps to get access to someone’s location:


As the first and foremost step, you need to register on the official site of Safespy through your email ID. You only need to offer your email ID, no other information is required or sought.

Choosing the Right Plan

The next task is to choose the plan of your choice from Safespy. There are many monthly plans that Safespy has to offer. You can browse through the monthly plans and select the one that suits you best.

Set Up

Once the plan is selected, you would receive the set up link. It will be received on the email that you provided for registration. The email will have a set up link. On clicking the link, you will be guided through the process of set up.

Once the setup is done, you will need to choose the target platform. Target platform means specifying whether you need to track an iPhone or an Android phone.

Linkage with the phones

When you need to track an iPhone, you enter ‘iOS’ as the target platform. After this, you would need to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone. The moment you use the iCloud ID and password, you will be able to track the location of the iPhone. The link will be immediate.

When you need to track an iPhone Android phone, the process will vary a little bit. Android doesn’t allow any app to have direct remote access into an Android phone. It needs to root through the app on the Android phone.

Resultantly, Safespy software needs to be downloaded on the Android phone. The app has been designed in a way that it weighs less than 2 MB. Once installed, the app will itself suggest if you wish to ‘hide the app’. Once hidden, the app will not be felt or seen on the phone.

The link is immediate with both Android and iPhone. While tracking an iPhone is relatively easy, if you time Android linkage well, it can also be done under 5 mins. The results on tracking will be as below:


Tracking someone’s location is easier when you have the right platform in place. Safespy provides the best interface, best features and reliable conduct. By virtue of its superb features, it is turning out as the most sought after location tracker app in 2021.

So, the next time you are wondering about how to track someone’s location, root for Safespy. It will offer you immediate tracking with no risk of detection. The confidence in the app is so extreme that no Safespy user has ever been caught tracking someone.

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