Best mobile company to go with in Ghana

It can be quite the minefield to decide which phone provider is the best to go for and one that takes a lot of careful consideration. However, this list is here to help you make the right choice after purchasing the ideal phone for you. It might be an iPhone or it might be a Samsung Galaxy but whatever phone it is you need to have the best provider otherwise you are wasting your time.

To find out more, then read this list of the best providers in Ghana so that you are making the best choice and getting the best deal possible.

MTN Ghana

The best service provider in the country and one that is relied upon by millions of users in the country. With superfast 4G and data bundles, you will not go wrong when you use MTN. 

With the company providing the main sponsor for the South African Rugby team and having a deal with English football team Manchester United, they are well known and respected in Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone is one of the biggest mobile phone providers in the world. However, in Ghana, it is incredibly popular. Over 9.3 million mobile voice subscribers operate with Vodafone and they are incredibly reliable all over the country.

Much like MTN, you will be able to get great bundles for all your data, messaging and telephone calls all over the world. 

AirtelTigo Ghana

The second largest provider in the country with over 10 million users. Airtel is popular all across Africa and provides very quick service alongside superb customer service.

With packages such as the Good Morning pack where users get free calls between 6-10am, it is a popular network to go with for their awesome packages for whatever your needs may be.

Glo Ghana

The company might be struggling to capture the market like the previous three mentioned but is certainly one of the better providers around. Glo Ghana should not be easily dismissed when you are searching for the right provider.

Many overlook it but they can provide excellent service and superb packages fit your needs. With cheap voice and data deals, it is not one to be overlooked. 


A new provider to the game but one that has taken off. With just over 10 years of experience, Surfline has become incredibly popular with users in Ghana who enjoy using it for their super quick internet no matter where they are in the country. 

As they provide internet as well as mobile phone networks, it comes as no surprise as to why they are one of the best in the business for 4G deals. It becomes incredibly useful when Skype chatting with friends and family, particularly those who might be further afield and out of the country. 

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