Best Offline Android Games to try right now

Android mobile phone games have come a long way in our lives these past few years. These days, many people can’t afford a console, so mobile phone games come in handy.

Most people play it when they run out of internet data. Funny as that sounds, that’s how it is with a lot of people. But that’s where the problem comes in. Most of the games on the play store require internet data to run.

But still doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing games out there that you can play without internet data offline. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of games that you can play offline. 

Red Bull Air Race 2

Size: 112.9MB

This game is different from every racing game, you know. Most racing games are about cars and motorcycles, but this one’s about airplanes.

How amazing is that? It features a lot of events that players can compete in without getting bored. It also has fantastic graphics. Above all, it’s a free in-app product.

Asphalt Nitro


Most racing games have large sizes or are not free, so many users don’t even consider venturing. Well, that’s why Asphalt Nitro was introduced. It has 35MB and gives you a similar gaming experience as the online and in-app purchase games.

Rush Rally 3

Size: 221.7MB

This game gives you the experience of racing on your phone. You can race through all seasons and through any road conditions. There are gravel road races, tarred road races, and bumpy road races. Your vehicle’s going to suffer damages as in real life when you drive through such roads. You can upgrade your car and choose any want when you race in the career mode and earn money. It has very good and modern graphics.

Nobleman 1896

Size: 42.6MB

This game’s graphics and storyline are set in the year 1896. In this game, you play as a nobleman with an army of soldiers, steam tanks, and cannons to lead your army to victory. It gives you a real-world battlefield experience where you plan attacks with your army. You can also enable auto-battle to sit back and watch while the attack you planned with your army is carried out.

Blazing sniper

Size: 159.9MB

This is a game about protecting your people from external forces. There are over levels for gamers in this game. It’s simple and cool for offline playing without any complex nature to it. The difficulty level is easy and hardcore. In the hardcore mode, you fight against zombies. Every weapon is provided at your disposal to use to fight off the enemies. This game has no ads that disrupt your play like other games.

Shadow Fight 2

Size: 401MB

This game has been designed like Mortal Kombat. It provides your fight character with a chosen weaponry to fight with. It contains a storyline where you can journey through a different world with your character.

Ninja Arashi

Size: 474.3MB

This adventure game challenges you and takes you to a new world where you overcome your enemies and complete the level. It does not require any data connection, so you can play anytime you want. The only problem is it’s a short game that’ll leave you wanting for more once you complete the levels.

Sky dancer

Size: 325.8MB

This is a running game, just like subway way surfers and temple run.

This game is distinct in its own way as it takes you above mountains, large borders, and jumping over cliffs. You maneuver in the air like a bird, perform a few acrobatic skills and go through new adventures and explore the game in your own way.

Death City: Zombie invasion

Size: 154MB

In this game, a virus has struck the world. In this adventure, you’re a survivor, and you’re to lead your troop to safety.

With your gun and other weaponry, you’ll defeat the zombies and lead them to safety. It has vivid modern-day graphics, which makes playing the game more interesting.


Size: 212.9MB

This game is one of the top-rated free adventure games. It consists of modern-day graphics and music in the background.

It has a concept where you have to consider various variables like liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, and water to survive. Every Android gaming enthusiast should check this game out and won’t be disappointed.


Size: 1.6GB

This is an in-app purchase game.

This is an offline supernatural game filled with a lot of thrillers and mystery. It begins with a group of friends who open a ghostly rift by mistake and follows with events that test how you and your friends can defeat the boding evil creatures unleashed onto you.

Legend Of Darkness

Size: 45.2MB

In this game, you have to kill monsters to rise up the ladder. You can create weapons by enhancing, forging, and enchanting your equipment.

You can have wings, abysses, special weapons, and many other things in this game to defeat your enemies. The higher levels you attain, the more rewards you get for destroying monsters. The game levels are normal, elite, and mutated.

You can customize your character with the rewards you win as you defeat monsters.


Many mobile phone users love playing games on their phones.

Most of the time, people remember they have games on their phones when their internet data gets finished. Funny as it sounds, but that’s the truth.

This is why they need games they can play offline when they don’t have a data bundle. These games come in different types, all exciting and intriguing to play. 

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